At the heart of each Curve frameset is a premium, handcrafted bicycle frame designed for maximum comfort, stability, and control. Whether you're a retired pro cyclist, a weekend warrior, or someone who wants to explore the world by bike with her friends, a Curve Cycling frameset is the ultimate ride. We offer a variety of bike framesets for road bikes, gravel bikes, and bikepacking, available in both titanium and steel.

Why Consider a Frameset?

When considering buying a Curve bike, you can choose between a complete bike or a frameset. While our complete bikes come equipped with all the necessary components, specifically chosen by the Curve squad, a frameset includes only the frame, carbon fork, headset and seat clamp. We offer a range of bike frames for road bikes, gravel bikes, and bikepacking, ready to go. So why consider a frameset? Firstly, it allows you to build a bike that is customised to your specific needs and preferences. By selecting individual components from the ground up, you can optimise your bike for riding style and choice of terrain, selecting exactly the components you want. This can result in a more comfortable ride on a bike that looks unique, perfectly suited to your individual needs.

Additionally, purchasing a frameset can be a cost-effective way to upgrade an existing bike. If you already own high-quality components, buying a new frameset can allow you to create a top-of-the-range new bike without having to replace everything. Get in touch with any questions about compatibility you might have. We’re happy to help. Our workshop in Melbourne, Australia can even swap parts across to your new frameset.

Furthermore, building a bike from a frameset can be a rewarding experience that provides a sense of pride and accomplishment. For some, scouring the internet, researching weird, exotic and highly specialised parts from around the world is a fun exercise. Eventually building the bike can be a fun project too. Some riders also want to use the project-build experience to learn more component compatibility and how to build a bike from start to finish. The result is a bike that is something truly unique and personalised.

At Curve Cycling, we offer a diverse range of framesets suitable for all types of riders. Our framesets are designed to meet the demands of various riding styles, including gravel and adventure, road bike frames for smooth tarmac, and touring. We offer framesets made from high-quality materials chosen carefully for the task at hand, so if you want a titanium bike frame or steel bike frame, we have you covered.

Our framesets are designed with the latest technology and innovations in mind, providing riders with a smooth, stable, and responsive ride. All our framesets have been carefully engineered and rigorously tested in the real world on some of the toughest bikepacking races on offer, resulting in products you can trust.

Curve can help you create a truly personalised bike that aligns perfectly with your riding requirements. Why not drop by our showroom in Melbourne, Australia to check out our high-performance frameset options or get in touch via email or phone? Otherwise, visit one of the great stores around the world in our trusted dealer network.