Collection: Gravel Bikes

Looking for a bike that can handle anything from smooth roads to rugged trails? Sick of battling traffic on paved roads? Craving a more social and relaxed form of cycling? A gravel bike could be just what you need. These versatile and reliable machines are designed to provide stability and traction on a variety of surfaces, and built tough so you can explore new terrain with confidence.

With wider tyres, gravel bikes offer a smoother ride and better traction on rough, unsealed roads. They also have a more relaxed geometry, which makes technical terrain easier to handle and results in a more comfortable ride. Curve has titanium gravel bike and steel gravel bike options ready to go, at a variety of price-points depending on the build kit.

Curve was producing gravel bikes well before gravel cycling was its own genre. We have developed a broad range of high-performance options for all gravel cycling adventures. From a fast, race-ready 700c build, to a 29er plus bikepacking rig, we have a highly capable set of options developed and tested through years of experience. Our bikes have been torture tested in the toughest bikepacking races on earth including Race to the Rock and the Rhino Run.

Steel Gravel Bike or Titanium Gravel Bike?

Steel or titanium? It’s a tough choice. While titanium is a more expensive material, this does not mean that steel is the “poor cousin”. Superman is the man of steel, not titanium! A steel gravel bike has its own beautiful ride quality and finely tuned steel bikes are becoming harder to come by. Sadly, the cycling industry is obsessed with more disposable options.

Titanium gravel bikes are lighter than their steel counterparts, and more “playful” due to the properties of the material. They offer a more comfortable ride on rough terrain and a stunning ride quality is hard to put into words. Curve has been instrumental to bringing titanium bikes back to the ultra-endurance cycling world – for longer missions the comfort and weight advantage of titanium becomes increasingly important.

Whether you're planning a bucket-list adventure or just want to explore your local area in style, a Curve gravel bike is a smart choice. With their durability, versatility, and comfort, these bikes are the perfect way to get out and explore the world on two wheels. If you’re in Melbourne, Australia, why not visit our showroom and book a demo ride. We have an expansive demo fleet ready to roll. If you’re elsewhere in the world you can check in with one of our trusted dealers.