Gravel Bikes

Discover Curve’s range of all-road bikes, built tough with versatility in mind. Our titanium and steel gravel bikes are just as happy on sealed, smooth roads as they are on a rough gravel bikepacking expedition. Curve’s all-road bikes have been designed for a wide variety of terrain, so you can enjoy bike adventures whenever and wherever you choose. For light-duties gravel and endurance road cycling, choose the Belgie ULTRA. For chunky gravel-plus riding reach for the Big Kev.

Our range highlights the robustness of steel gravel bikes, known for their resilience and classic charm, alongside the advanced performance of titanium gravel bikes, celebrated for their strength, comfort and weight-savings. This diverse selection ensures that whether you're a seasoned gravel rider or a road cyclist looking to expand your horizons, there's a perfect Curve Cycling bike waiting for you. Our all-road bikes are more than just a means of travel; they're a vital tool for tackling bucket-list cycling adventures.

Our gravel bikes are built to handle the unpredictable. With features like
wider tyre clearance and robust frames, they're ready for anything from a quick
city commute to an epic gravel road adventure.


Steel or Titanium? It's a tough choice:
While a titanium gravel bike is more expensive, this does not mean that a steel
gravel bike is the “poor cousin”. Superman is the man of steel, not titanium! A
steel gravel bike has its own beautiful ride quality and finely tuned steel
bikes are becoming harder to come by. Sadly, the cycling industry is obsessed
with more disposable options.

Titanium gravel bikes are lighter than their steel counterparts, and more
“playful” due to the properties of the material. They offer a more comfortable
ride on rough terrain and a stunning ride quality that is hard to put into
words. Curve has been instrumental to bringing titanium bikes back to the
ultra-endurance cycling world – for longer missions the comfort and weight
advantage of titanium becomes increasingly important.


The Curve Cycling Experience:
Whether you're planning a bucket-list adventure or just want to explore your
local area in style, a Curve steel or titanium gravel bike is a smart choice.
With their durability, versatility, and comfort, our bikes are the perfect way
to get out and explore the world on two wheels. Get in touch with us to work
out which bike will be the right choice for you. Our sales team can work
through your fit data, locking down a build that you can buy with confidence.


Visit and Explore:
Experience the quality and performance of our all-road bikes firsthand by
visiting our showroom in Melbourne, Australia. Our team of experts is ready to
assist you in finding the perfect gravel bike, whether it's a robust steel
model or a sleek titanium one, ensuring your next cycling adventure is


Community and Support:
Being part of the Curve Cycling family means access to a world of support and
community engagement. From weekly and monthly rides, bikepacking events and
full-service cycling expeditions around the world, to comprehensive warranty
information and first-rate ongoing support, we're here to support your cycling
journey every pedal stroke of the way.