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GMX+ Titanium Frameset

GMX+ Titanium Frameset

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Check HERE for further info regarding custom paint, bike set up and more.

The reach on the geo chart looks long. What size is good for me?

The short answer is that the reach number may be somewhat deceiving as the frame is designed to be run with a shorter stem. That, in combination with the comparatively steep seat angle, reduces the effective reach of the frame.

Please reach out to if you have any questions about sizing.

Read more about the GMX+ geometry here: GMX+ Geo Blog

Why flat mount?

There are very few drop-bar groupsets available with post mount calipers, so we decided to introduce flat mount on GMX+ Steel to make the groupset selection for drop bar setups easier.

What are those black brackets on the downtube for?

In order to reduce the number of holes and M5 mounts added to the downtube, and to add stability to the offset mounts, we decided to make these offset mount support guides specifically for the GMX+ Steel. These guides must be used when attaching bottle cages to the offset mounts.

What are the extra plates with three holes I got with my SM or XS frame?

These are adapter brackets for the rear M5 mounts so you can attach a regular bottle cage to the back of the chainstays and seatstays. The plate is not needed for sizes MD and up.

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What would an "Overlander" ride?

The GMX+ is inspired by the intrepid Overlanders of the 1890s, who covered incredible distances without support across the harsh Australian outback. We have designed a bike that can do the same, but with much more ease using today's modern technology. The GMX+ is an adventure bike designed with wider tyre clearance thanks to our innovative carbon fork, ultra-wide drop bars for stability, and numerous mounting points for storage or water.

Tested in real-life conditions, the original GMX was designed for Race to the Rock, a harsh, remote desert race in Australia. With testing came improvements to the bike geometry and fork clearance, and so the GMX+ was born.

In recent years, the GMX+ has taken on some of the most challenging races worldwide, including Tour Divide, Silk Road Mountain Race, and Race to the Rock.

  • Load Up

    The GMX+ lets you carry more water or load more gear. The titanium frame includes mounting points on all rear stays and offset on the downtube, allowing riders to run a full-size frame bag plus 1 litre bottles to either side. The Seek 430 PM fork has 6 x M5 mounting points on each side, with a recommended load capacity of 3 kilograms across three mount points. The newer Seek 430 FM fork has unique thru-mounts made from 6061-T6 alloy. The mounts are supported by both sides of each fork blade, and they have a larger surface area - this results in a stronger, more durable mounting interface. This fork can safely carry a load of 7 kilograms each side, a whopping 14 kilograms in total.

  • Walmer Bar

    Our Walmer Bar, is the perfect companion to the GMX+ as it was originally designed to work together with the GMX+ frame and SEEK 430 fork as an Off-Road touring system. This flared drop bar is available in several sizes and will provide the rider with more stability, hand positions, and storage space than other available handlebars. More details visit the Walmer Bar page.

    Purchase an alloy Walmer Bar with your GMX+ frameset online for AUD $100, save $99!

  • Frame Sizing

    The GMX+ ranges from size XXS to XXL, including an XM (extra medium) option. Size SM–XXL is designed around 29" wheels, while XXS and XS frames run 27.5" wheels, ensuring geometry proportions and handling characteristics are consistent across all sizes. For more information on the GMX+ geometry click HERE!

    There is ample room for bikepacking bags on all frameset sizes. To make sure current, prospective or custom bagging fits your frame size please see our Bagmaker Drawing page.

  • Want to Carry More?

    With a wide range of frame and fork mounted rack systems on the market, and with more appearing every week, it is important to understand which rack systems are compatible with your Curve frame and fork, and how to mount them correctly in order to ensure safe riding, avoid damage and voiding your warranty. Before mounting a rack, we strongly recommend you get in touch with us to confirm compatibility and the correct mounting procedure. This will minimise the risk of injury, product damage and voiding your warranty. Your local Curve dealer, or the team at Curve HQ, can also help you select a rack system and mount it to your bike for you.

  • Custom Rohloff, Pinion or Effigear Build

    Did you know that we offer custom build options for our GMX+ Ti to support Rohloff internally geared hubs as well as Pinion and Effigear gearboxes for either chain or belt drive? To effectively use a Rohloff or gearbox, you need a way to tension the chain or belt. There are a few ways to achieve this, but the straightforward and most reliable way in our opinion is via adjustable dropouts. We have developed our own sliding dropout system, with a range of inserts, that can accept various wheel, axle and brake types. The gearbox-compatible version of our GMX+ comes with a 3D-printed yoke behind the gearbox case which helps us achieve the frame stiffness required for a gearbox with belt drive. The Rohloff-compatible version comes with sliding dropout inserts that work seamlessly with a standard Rohloff Speedhub in QR-configuration. We can offer inserts for use with either Post Mount or Flat Mount brake calipers. For belt drive compatibility we also add an almost invisible split in the seat stay. Frames supporting internal gear systems are made to order, with a lead time between six and nine months. There is a surcharge for these custom options. Get in touch to learn more about pricing and current lead times.

  • Drop Bar or Flat Bar?

    The GMX+ can accommodate a drop bar or flat bar. Any wide drop bar, especially our Walmer Bar, will work with a shorter stem, as will our unique Remlaw Bar. Other flat bar designs may also work well, but a longer stem length may be needed.

GMX+ Specifications



- 3Al - 2.5V Aerospace Grade 9 titanium

- 7x cage mounts

- Rear rack mounts

- Clearance max 3.0" tyres

- 1x chainring only (Max 38t)

- 12 x 148 mm axle spacing

- 160 mm direct post mount brake

- 31.6 mm seat post spacing

- T47 BB (73 mm)

Seek 430 PM Fork:

- Carbon construction

- Stainless steel hardware

- Non-suspension corrected

- 12 x M5 mounts (6 per side)

- 430 mm axle to crown

- 55 mm offset

- 15 x 110 mm axle spacing

- 180 mm direct post mount brake

- 1.5" tapered steerer

Seek 430 FM Fork:

- Carbon construction

- Non-suspension corrected

- 8 x M5 mounts (4 per side)

- 430 mm axle to crown

- 55 mm offset

- 15 x 110 mm axle spacing

- 160/180 mm flat mount brake

- 1.5" tapered steerer

Curve Headset:

- 44/56 mm zero-stack


- 34.9 mm Curve Alloy Seat Clamp

- Curve Cocky Headbadge

- 15 x 110 mm front axle

- 12 x 148 mm rear axle

- Carbon expander

- Bolt-on cable guides

- Spare rear derailleur hanger

If you are building your Curve frameset with a self-supplied groupset, please see the specification guid via the link below to ensure the necessary parts are sufficiently compatible with our framesets.

The specification details may change over time. Please check HERE for the latest version.

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Frameset Specifications for Self-Supplied Groupsets