About Curve

At Curve, we want to build a different sort of cycling community; one that is adventurous, inclusive and supportive.

Adventure is at the core of our brand of cycling, whether it’s taking the long way home or racing across a country. Adventure is built into Curve’s DNA. Not all of our customers want to bike-pack across a continent but they take comfort in knowing that our products are built for that sort of abuse. While we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we take our brand, products, and customers very seriously.

We’d like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners and first people of this or any land on which we ride through and pay respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

We believe the world would be a better place if everybody rode bikes.

Steve Varga

Founder + Product Developer

Steve founded Curve Cycling back in 2012, pursuing an opportunity to offer fellow riders high-spec products without excessive marketing noise (and price tags). Forming the Curve Dream Team around the early vision was key to the brand's progression and innovation.

On a day-to-day basis, you’ll find Steve liaising with teams in Australia, China, and Taiwan to help keep new product development, QC procedures, and production cycle times on track. You may even get a response from him if you inquire via our website or give HQ a call. 

When possible, Steve prefers to ride off-road for long jaunts in the bush upon his GMX+ or soon to be released, Big Kev.

Jesse Carlsson

Co-Founder + Product Testing

Jesse is a former BMX world champ with a PhD in physics. These days Jesse is better known for riding across continents and instigating rides such as the Indian Pacific Wheel Race and Race to the Rock. He is an inspiration to Curve and his followers, Jesse just wants to get you off the couch and out on an adventure.

Ryan Flinn

Grand Ambassador + Sales Director

Rhino's riding pursuits have seen him tackle all forms of riding, from Triathlon World Champs, to Red Hook Crit, to Cape Epic, to the Indian Pacific Wheel Race, to the the Trans Am and beyond.

Behind Ryan's antics and amazing cycling talents, you'll meet a guy who simply wants to share the wonders of cycling with the world.

Jimmy Rostlund

Technical Lead + Frame Builder

Jimmy is our technical lead here at Curve. He's been engineering bike parts and skillfully hand-building bikes for years now through his own brand Egress Bikes. Those same hands can tear up a MTB trail, take a fine photo and finely tune a bike build or product to the Nth degree.

Sarah Hammond

Events, Social Media & Ambassadors

The Curve family would not be complete without the likes of Sarah Hammond. The three-time winner of Race to the Rock brings a wealth of ultra-endurance knowledge and experience to the team. Sarah's infectious laugh and ability to welcome people into the cycling fold makes her our ultimate flashpacking leader.

Sarah oversees all social media and has an important role in building, and strengthening relationships with our Curve ambassadors, partners, and friends.

April Drage

Sales & Events

Originally from Adelaide, April made the move to Melbourne and we couldn't be luckier. You wont meet anyone that loves their job more than April. April has extensive knowledge of bikes, and even more so bikepacking and ultra riding. If you ever needed advice on where to ride, how to pack, or someone to motivate you up a climb, April is the women for the job.

Bec Tsiamas

Logistics Manager

Bec has worked in the bike industry for seven years, brings a wealth of knowledge to Curve, and constantly teaches us a thing or two. Originally from Adelaide, Bec resides in Melbourne with her two cats, Gato (17) and Chanel (3) and Roy (1). Bec loves live music and has an infectious sense of humour and energy that complements our team. With a roadie background, Bec is excited to be getting to know the world of gravel and bikepacking.

Liege "Dancin" Jansen

Sales Manager

Liege has been a Melbournite since 2002 and spends most of his past, present and future income on records by The Fall. Liege has worked in the cycling industry for seven years, predominantly focused on road cycling.

His dream is to make the illustrious jump from back mid-pack to middle mid-pack in B Grade Cyclocross within 2-5 years. On any long ride or bikepacking trip, you will undoubtedly find Liege only fueling himself on Bhuja Original Snack Mix bags.

Dancin' Jansen is excited to be travelling to Argentina for the 2024 Curve El Gaucho expedition.

Joe Grace

Website & Photography

Harking from the rolling hills of Yorkshire, Joe has helped to oversee the upkeep & development of our website here at Curve over the past years. This tiny Yorkshireman now periododically lends his eye to photograph some of our products, merchandise, and bike builds that come through the HQ workshop.

Lockie Knight

Workshop Manager

Lockie is our workshop wizard. With years of experience managing bike workshops, we are fortunate to have him running ours. Lockie's enthusiasm, and humour is addictive, as are the playlists he curates on our spotify account.
New to gravel, Lockie quickly became a dirt expert in a few months and can be seen running our regular Friday trails ride alongside Liege.