Masaka Cycling Club

Our Purpose

The Masaka Cycling Club exists to create fair and equitable opportunities for cycling talent in developing African nations.

Our Vision

We will bring global cycling together to remove barriers and fight for a more inclusive cycling community free of inequality.


Why Support Masaka? 

Central Uganda is a very poor region within the East African Nations and is home to the first known case of AIDS/HIV, a disease that destroyed generations of Ugandans. It boasts some extraordinary female and male cycling talent, yet this talent faces many barriers. Poverty, corruption, clean water, infrastructure, equipment and consistent access to races to showcase this talent to name a few.

The Masaka Cycling Club is an amateur cycling team based in Masaka District, Southern Uganda and has been created to support young cyclists in this region to reach their dreams and potential.

The club is part of the Team Amani initiative, which also comprises of sister clubs in Kenya and Rwanda. The collective goal is to balance the current inequalities within pro pelotons and promote East African riders to professional cycling communities.

In supporting the project & team, you have the ability to free them from the barrier of poverty, instil hope and help them chase their cycling dreams.

Project 500

Project 500 is a campaign drive calling upon 500 passionate cyclists around the world to sign up for a small monthly donation to build a sustainable program to champion these talented athletes.

To help this cause, we at Curve HQ have decided to sign up and cover the $5 monthly contribution of the first 150 customers who purchase complete bikes in 2022. Our support of the cause has now GUARANTEED $9,000 to create opportunities for these talented cyclists.

We hope that many others around the world will be drawn to support the Masaka Cycling Club and help see the blossoming talent in this Ugandan region have the opportunity to grow their talents, overcome their barriers and be able to perform on the world's stage. 


For more about Masaka and how to become a donor visit there site: HERE
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