At Curve Cycling, we take pride in offering innovative, high-performance products that help riders get the most out of their cycling experience. Our two unique handlebars are great examples of our commitment to excellence and having the courage to bring the products that we want to use ourselves into the real world. Whether you're racing gravel events, embarking on an extended fat-tyre bikepacking adventure, or just exploring new roads, our handlebars will help you ride with confidence and comfort.

Super Wide Drop Bars for Comfort and Control

The Curve Walmer Bar is the ultimate drop handlebar for adventure cycling, gravel riding and bikepacking. These ultra-wide handlebars with a unique flare design offer increased stability and control. Walmer Bars are perfect for riders who want to tackle challenging terrain with confidence or want to ride longer with more comfort. With six width options, there is a Walmer Bar to suit your style – from long-distance audax events and fun gravel cycling missions on the weekend to extended fat-tyre bikepacking tours.

Made from high-quality aluminium, Walmer Bars offer unbeatable performance and durability. The wide, ergonomic grip and shallow drop provide a wide variety of natural hand positions, while the flared drop provides improved control and handling on fast descents. The super wide drop handlebar allows for more space to mount lights, bikepacking bags (especially bar rolls - with a narrow drop bar you often get some interference with the drops), and other accessories, making them a popular choice for bikepacking and touring. The wide hand position also reduces strain on your upper back. Give them a try. You will not go back!

The Remlaw Bar - A Flat Bar for Drop Bar Bikes

The Curve Remlaw Bar is designed specifically for drop-bar bikes. We carefully engineered the curved design to project the hand position forward, even further than the stem, which is rare for a flat bar. Why is this necessary? Well, your hand position on the hoods with a drop-bar is well forward of the stem – this is the most common hand position when riding with drop-bars. This makes converting a drop-bar bike to a flat bar tricky.

With a traditional flat bar, a super long stem will be needed if you want to maintain a similar hand position relative to the stem. Even still, it is unlikely your hand position will be right compromising handling and ride quality. That’s where the Remlaw Bar comes into play. It’s a flat bar but designed so you can swap out your drop bar and maintain a very similar hand position and ride quality.