Warranty Information


As of 1 December 2023


Curve Cycling products are designed, engineered and manufactured for adventure. We strive to offer industry-leading, innovative adventure tools to help support you on your journey. Each product we offer is optimised for its intended purpose and designed to perform reliably during a reasonable product life-cycle. Bicycles and cycling parts and accessories are not indestructible; a frameset may not last forever. The lifetime ultimately depends on the care your product receives.

We understand that cycling attracts inherent risks. Please ride in conditions and terrain appropriate to your skill level and the intended use of your Curve Cycling product to avoid personal injury and/or premature damage or failure to your equipment.

While it is extremely rare, products can fail or become damaged during normal use for the intended application. If your Curve Cycling product fails during normal use for the intended application we will either:

  • Replace the product, like-for-like if the product is current and in stock. A product that is discontinued may be eligible for an exchange to an alternative model or an updated version of that model. Additional costs may be incurred if the exchange requires additional parts due to incompatibility.
  • Provide a best-effort repair of the product. This covers scenarios including, but not limited to, re-welding a cracked frame, repairing a failed water bottle boss/mount, or rebuilding a damaged wheel.
  • Exchange the product for a different product if that works for the customer. If the replacement product has a greater value, the customer is responsible for paying the difference in price.
  • In some very rare cases, a refund of the purchase cost will be offered.

    In most cases, we require the product to be returned to the Curve Cycling HQ in Melbourne Australia or the dealer from which you purchased your Curve Cycling product for the warranty to be assessed. When a return to Curve Cycling HQ is not feasible, we may ask for the product to be sent to one of our dealers, or to be destroyed (in this case we will ask for photo evidence that the product has been destroyed).

    Curve Cycling will pay for all reasonable shipping costs related to approved warranty claims.

    Please contact warranties@curvecycling.com to discuss your warranty claim.

    In addition, to make a claim please complete the form HERE to start the process for your Curve product. 


    33 Years:

    • Titanium frames

    5 Years:

    • Carbon rims
    • Carbon forks
    • Handlebars
    • Steel frames
    • Hybrid titanium and carbon bonded frames
    • Axles
    • Other titanium products, not otherwise mentioned

    3 Years:

    • Rocket Pooch titanium cage
    • Seat posts
    • Seat clamps
    • Aluminium rims

    2 Years:

    • Custom paint arranged by Curve Cycling (peeling and cracking only) 

    1 Year:

    • Rocket Pooch bags
    • Headsets (damage from water ingress or rust excluded)
    • Bottom brackets (damage from water ingress or rust excluded)
    • Paint on Curve Cycling frames and forks (peeling and cracking only)
    • Surface finishing on Curve Cycling products

    Non-Curve Cycling branded products that have been supplied by Curve Cycling will attract their own manufacturer's warranty. Curve Cycling will assist in the warranty process for Non-Curve Cycling branded products. A Curve dealer, or in some cases your local bike shop, can also assist with these warranties.

    Brands regularly supplied by Curve include, but are not limited to, the following: SRAM, DT Swiss, Sapim, SP Dynamo, Vittoria, Skin Grows Back, 7mesh, Apidura, Arundel, King Cage, Chris King, Ingrid, Garbaruk, Ratio 12, Fizik, and Zipp.


    Intended Use Category & Definition


    Condition 1: Road

    Riding on well-maintained, smooth, paved surfaces, where the tyres are always in contact with the ground.

    Belgie Disc

    Belgie AIR

    Condition 1.5: Endurance Road

    Condition 1 plus riding on smooth gravel roads. Tyres are always in contact with the ground.

    Belgie Ultra

    Race 370 fork

    Condition 2: Gravel

    Conditions 1 and 1.5 plus riding on corrugated dirt roads, fire tracks, 4WD tracks and groomed trails with low-angle grades (equivalent to cross country mountain bike trails graded “easy” or equivalent). Momentary loss of tyre contact with the ground may occur. Drop-offs of less than 15 cm (6”).

    Kevin / GXR Titanium

    Kevin / GXR Steel

    AIR Kev

    Ride 400 fork

    G4T rims and wheelsets

    Grav AL rims and wheelsets

    Condition 2.5: Gravel+

    Condition 1, 1.5 and 2 plus riding on rougher cross country mountain bike trails (graded “intermediate” or similar), excluding jump features. Drop-offs of less than 30 cm (12”).

    Big Kev

    Ride 415 fork

    Titanium seat post - 27.2 mm

    Titanium seat clamps (all except for 34.9 mm)

    Condition 3: Cross Country Mountain Bike

    Riding in Conditions 1, 1.5, 2, and 2.5 plus riding on rough trails, small obstacles, and smooth technical areas. Drops and jumps should be no more than 60 cm (24”).

    GMX+ Titanium

    GMX+ Steel

    Seek 430 PM fork

    Seek 430 FM fork

    Seek 480 (aka BP15) fork

    Dirt Hoops Alloy - rims and wheelsets

    Dirt Hoop Carbon WIDE (25i) - rims and wheelsets

    Walmer Bars - Aluminium

    Walmer Bars - Carbon

    Remlaw Bars

    Condition 4: All Mountain

    Riding in Conditions 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3 plus riding on rough technical areas, moderately sized obstacles, and small jumps. Jumps should be no more than 120 cm (48”).

    For clarity, not intended for extreme forms of jumping or riding such as downhill, freeriding, dirt jumping, hucking (to flat or otherwise), skate parks, North Shore, rampage, etc. No large drop-offs, jumps or launches (wooden or dirt structures, cliff faces, buildings or house roofs) requiring long suspension travel or heavy-duty components. No hammering through obstacles or sending road gaps over pro road-racing pelotons. Not intended for use in video clips soliciting energy drink sponsorships.


    Dirt Hoops Carbon WIDER (30i) - rims and wheelsets

    Relaxle Thru Axles

    Cable Guide Sets

    Titanium seat post - 30.6 mm

    Titanium seat clamp - 34.9 mm

    Top caps



    1. Curve Cycling will assess your warranty claim and, at its sole discretion, determine whether your claim is within the Warranty Policy terms.
    2. Curve Cycling will, at its sole discretion, either repair or replace the product, if your claim is determined to be a warranty case.
    3. Warranty covers defects in materials and craftsmanship, including manufacturing defects.
    4. The date on your Invoice is the date your warranty period commences.
    5. If you have arranged custom paint for a frame or fork through Curve Cycling as part of your purchase, and your frame or fork is subject to an approved warranty claim, Curve Cycling will repaint the replacement frame or fork to the same standard but only within the warranty period of the paint. If your warranty is valid but beyond the warranty period of custom paint supplied by Curve Cycling, there is no obligation on Curve Cycling to replace the custom paint, only the product in question. 
    6. Warranty on factory paint and finishing on Curve Cycling products, and custom paint arranged by Curve, only covers peeling and cracking. It does not cover paint surface finish damage or discolouration through normal use. Chipping, scratches and bag strap wear are considered wear and tear through normal use and not matters for warranty consideration. Over time, paint fades and finishing work deteriorates due to (and not limited to) sun exposure, bag rubbing, rock damage and other wear and tear.
    7. Warranty is void under the following circumstances and does not apply to damage caused by:
      1. Crashing, accidents, abuse, use that is outside of the intended use, abnormal, or excessive use. A crash replacement claim can be submitted for such cases. 
      2. Wear and tear through normal use. This is damage that occurs inevitably through the normal use of a bike. For example, your chain will eventually need replacement, even if properly maintained. Tyres will eventually wear out. The same applies for scratches, chipping and other damage to, changes to, or fading of paint or graphics through normal use and exposure to the elements. Wear and tear items not covered by this Warranty include but are not limited to:
        1. Consumable bike parts and accessories: bearings, brake pads, freehub bodies and pawls, handlebar grips, bar tape, bar plugs, tyres and tubes, sealant, spokes, spoke nipples, rim tape, tubeless tape, hub end caps, stripped threads or bolts, lock rings, chains, cassettes, chainrings, derailleur hangers, and rubber O-rings; and
        2. Surface discolouration, marring, chipping or scratching, including wear damage from strapping bags onto frames.
      3. Corrosion, neglect, or periods of outdoor storage longer than 24 hours.
      4. Improper repair or maintenance, negligence or failure to perform maintenance or servicing at the service intervals specified for your Curve Cycling product. This includes, but is not limited to, the following scenarios:
        1. Surface damage from cleaning. Some cleaning products can cause cosmetic damage to surface finishes which typically looks like flaking paint / clear-coat or surface discolouration;
        2. Damage, especially to rims, from car exhaust. If a car bike rack is not positioned carefully, rims or other bike parts can be in close contact with hot car exhaust, which can cause damage.
        3. Damage after continued use or self-repair when an issue, however small, has been identified. Always contact Curve Cycling for advice as soon as an issue is identified, or before attempting a repair of any kind. In the vast majority of cases, there’s a very quick fix if done correctly. Do not let us know 12+ months after the initial problem was identified.
      5. Improper assembly or installation. Please have your bike / parts assembled by an authorised Curve Cycling dealer or a professional bicycle mechanic. This includes, but is not limited to:
        1. Using less than three mounting points on fork legs to attach cargo cages.
      6. Installation or mounting of components, parts, or accessories not originally intended for or compatible with your Curve Cycling product. Please contact Curve Cycling for clear guidance on product compatibility. This includes, but is not limited to:
        1. Many baby / child seat mounts. New baby / child seat mounts enter the market regularly. Please contact Curve Cycling for clear guidance on baby / child seat mount compatibility;
        2. Many trailer and towing systems. New trailer and towing systems enter the market regularly. Please contact Curve Cycling for clear guidance on trailer and towing system compatibility; and
        3. Many rack systems. New rack systems enter the market regularly. Please contact Curve Cycling for clear guidance on rack compatibility.
      7. Use of aftermarket hydration systems without written approval from Curve Cycling. Systems including, but not limited to, the Wolftooth B-Rad system can cause additional stress to water bottle bosses - use of this system voids your warranty.
    8. Warranty is void if any alteration or modification is performed. The only exception to this is if a seat post or fork steerer tube has been cut by a professional bike mechanic. Proof of professional work completed will be required.
    9. Warranty is valid for the original purchaser with proof of purchase supplied with the warranty claim. Second-hand Curve Cycling products are covered by this warranty but with the following conditions additional conditions:
      1. The warranty period is determined by the time of the first purchase, not your second-hand purchase.
      2. You will be responsible for the cost of shipping your damaged product to Curve Cycling and for the cost of shipping a repaired or replacement product to you.
      3. You will be responsible for a processing fee of 20% of the current retail price of the replacement product.
      4. Proof of purchase from the original purchaser is required.
      5. In the event that a new replacement item (warranty or crash replacement) is sent to you, your warranty period will be reset from the date of replacement.
    10. Warranty terms for sample and ex-demo products bought directly from Curve Cycling will be one year unless otherwise specified during the sale process.
    11. This warranty policy is subject to change. The current warranty policy will be published on Curve Cycling’s website.
    12. For clarity, some examples of scenarios that do not qualify for warranty, but may qualify for crash replacement, include but are not limited to:
      1. Riding into a deep pothole on a road or gravel bike is not within the definition of intended use, and therefore not an acceptable warranty scenario. Avoiding the deep pothole fits within the definition of intended use.
      2. Creasing or folding of both the top tube and down tube of a bike frame is clear evidence of front impact outside of the intended use (e.g. riding into a gutter, drainage pit or similar; or front impact from a car; or driving a roof mounted bike into a solid structure). In such a scenario the front rim and fork often remain undamaged, and it is the top and down tubes on the frame that warp on impact. This is a more favourable failure mode than forks or rims failing.
      3. Riding road bikes on downhill MTB trails. This is not the intended use. Road bikes are intended for riding on well-maintained, smooth, paved surfaces.
      4. Dents on tubes after a bike has safely arrived with a customer are usually signs of something falling onto the frame, the bike falling onto something, or something packed on the bike hitting the frame while riding.
      5. Ring marks and impressions on fork steerers are a sign of loose headsets or over-torqued stems, examples of improper installation and / or maintenance.
      6. Cracks on rims through inflating tyres beyond specified tyre pressures is an example of improper installation and / or maintenance.


    Curve Cycling will do everything possible and reasonable to ensure that our customers will be affected for as short a time as possible. Due to the complexity of our supply chain, as well as difficulties in tracing serial numbers and customer orders, this time may vary from as short as one week to as long as six months. A loan of goods may be arranged where possible until a suitable outcome is achieved, but is not guaranteed.


    The team at Curve Cycling genuinely cares about supporting our community of riders. You have entrusted us to equip you for your grand adventures and we take that very seriously. We are all straight-shooting, reasonable people and we will do what we can to keep you rolling.


    If you have an accident and damage your Curve Cycling product in a way that is not covered by Warranty or your personal insurance, you may be, at the sole discretion of Curve Cycling, offered a discounted crash replacement product.

    This offer applies to the following products and time frames after manufacture:

    • Titanium frames: 5 years
    • Steel frames: 2 years
    • Carbon forks: 2 years
    • Handlebars: 2 years
    • Wheelsets (carbon rims) and carbon rims: 2 years
    • Wheelsets (aluminium rims) and aluminium rims: 1 year

    The crash replacement policy applies only to the original product owner, with the following product exceptions. For titanium frames and carbon forks, the crash replacement policy applies to all Curve Cycling product owners, not just the original owner. In these cases, Curve Cycling is able to determine the manufacturing date from product serial numbers. All cases are to be processed via Curve Cycling directly. We can dispatch crash replacement products to an address of your choosing, whether it be, personal, a Curve dealer or your trusted local bike shop.

    A condition of crash replacement is that you return the damaged product to Curve Cycling’s HQ in Melbourne, Australia at your cost.

    Please contact warranties@curvecycling.com to discuss your crash replacement claim.


    This return policy applies only to products bought directly from Curve Cycling. It does not apply to purchases made from Curve Cycling dealers as they will have their own return policy. It does not apply to products excluded for hygiene reasons, including but not limited to knicks, underwear or shorts. Sample products are available at Curve Cycling’s HQ in Melbourne, if convenient for you to try on and test sizing before you buy.

    At Curve Cycling we create products that we love to use ourselves. For bike sales, we spend a lot of time agonising over fit data, and offer demo rides where possible, to ensure you get a product that you love. We are here to answer all your questions before you commit to a purchase. That’s our commitment to you to ensure you purchase a product that you’re completely happy with.

    If you are not fully satisfied with your direct purchase from Curve Cycling for any reason, you can return it to Curve Cycling for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. It is of the utmost importance to us that you are riding around with products that you love. A returned product can’t be resold at its full value so we charge a 10% restocking fee for returns in this 30-day period. Please respect this policy and don’t interpret it as a month-long rental service.

    You are required to pay for shipping if applicable, or be responsible for returning your product to Curve Cycling HQ in Melbourne Australia. Products must be returned in their original condition. Products returned to Curve Cycling will be assessed and Curve Cycling will determine, at its sole discretion, whether they can be accepted as a return.

    Please contact sales@curvecycling.com to arrange a return.


    If you are not fully satisfied with the size of your direct purchase from Curve Cycling, you can exchange it for another size within 30 days of purchase.

    This exchange policy applies to complete bikes, handlebars, bicycle frames, axles, hangers, headsets, seat clamps, seatposts, clothing or soft goods bought directly from Curve Cycling and is subject to availability. Your preferred replacement size may not be immediately available - you may need to wait.

    This exchange policy does not apply to purchases made from Curve Cycling dealers; or for products excluded for hygiene reasons, including but not limited to knicks, underwear or shorts. Sample products are available at Curve Cycling’s HQ in Melbourne if convenient for you to try on and test sizing before you buy.

    You are required to pay the cost of shipping your product back to Curve Cycling HQ and for shipping the exchanged product to you. We know that shipping can be extremely expensive, so please be careful to get your sizing right the first time.

    Products must be returned in their original condition. Products returned to Curve Cycling will be assessed and Curve Cycling will determine, at its sole discretion, whether they can be accepted for exchange.

    Please contact sales@curvecycling.com to arrange an exchange.


    All purchases from Curve Cycling are final. If your order was placed by accident via our website, we understand that mistakes happen. If the order has not been dispatched we can usually cancel your order and issue a refund if you notify Curve Cycling by emailing sales@curvecycling.com within 24 hours of placing the order.

    Some Curve Cycling products are sold on a lead time with a planned delivery date. To secure the purchase, Curve Cycling requires a deposit. This deposit covers Curve Cycling’s manufacturing and procurement costs. This deposit is non-refundable but with the following exception. If the product delivery is delayed more than 30 days after the original planned delivery date, your deposit is refundable at the time the new planned delivery date is communicated to you.

    Curve Expeditions have their own terms and conditions which include a separate cancellation policy which is available here.