Wheels and Rims

Curve Cycling is the ultimate destination for cyclists looking for high-performance and reliable wheelsets suitable for a wide range of cycling disciplines. Producing carbon wheels is where Curve started, way back in 2013. With a high-quality carbon wheelset you can transform your ride. Our extensive range of carbon wheels, road bike wheelsets, carbon road bike wheels, carbon rims, gravel, bikepacking, and dynamo wheelsets are designed to meet the demands of almost every type of rider.

Carbon Wheels You Can Rely On

Our carbon wheelsets are made with the highest quality materials and are engineered for performance. When shopping for bike wheelsets, be aware of generic hubs as Curve's are built with DT Swiss hubs that you can trust. We have been racing, bikepacking and touring on DT Swiss hubs for over a decade now and know they can be trusted, no matter what you throw at them. We have not seen the same performance and reliability from another hub choice on the market.

Our carbon road bike wheels are lightweight, durable, and responsive, allowing you to push yourself to new limits on the road. We offer a range of options to suit different riding styles, including a deeper section rim for an aerodynamic advantage or a shallower rim for a more responsive and agile ride.

For those who love to ride off-road, our gravel wheelsets are designed to handle the toughest terrain, with wider rims and wheels hand built to provide stability and support on rough roads. Whether you're looking to race gravel events or explore remote trails, our gravel wheelsets offer unbeatable performance and durability.

Bikepacking and MTB Wheelsets

For multi-day bikepacking adventures, we offer a range of bikepacking wheelsets designed to handle heavy loads while maintaining excellent performance. These wheelsets are available in both carbon and aluminium and feature wider rims to ensure that they can handle the extra weight of gear and supplies. Our Dirt Hoops also work perfectly as an MTB wheelset to hit the trails with confidence.

We also offer dynamo wheelsets, which are a popular choice for bikepackers and touring cyclists who need to power lights, GPS devices, and other electronic devices while on the road. Our dynamo wheelsets are available in both carbon and aluminium and feature high-quality hubs that generate power efficiently and reliably.

At Curve Cycling, we hand-build and rigorously test all our wheelsets to ensure that they meet our high standards of quality and durability. Our commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail means that our wheelsets are not only high performing, but also built to last.With our range of options and commitment to quality, you can trust Curve Cycling to provide the perfect wheelset for your needs.