kLite - Light Your Way

With a focus on brightness, absolute reliability and ease of use, kLite has become the best option when it comes to riding unsupported.

kLite presents two unique lighting solutions: the kLite Ultra RACE System and the kLite Ultra ADVENTURE System. These systems exhibit distinctions, primarily centered around the type of beam patterns they offer. Curve staff, ambassadors & customers alike have been using kLite products for many years on adventures across the globe. They have been invaluable during bikepacking events like Race to the Rock, the Rhino Run and Tour Divide alongside being continuously reliable for everyday riding & commuting.

In the RACE system, the beam pattern is meticulously engineered to deliver a potent, focused, and far-reaching illumination. It is specifically tailored for those who need to travel swiftly and require an extensive view of the road ahead. On the other hand, the ADVENTURE system boasts a broader beam pattern that enhances peripheral vision. This makes it an ideal choice for navigating rugged trails and embarking on off-piste adventures.

For a guide regarding which kLite system is best for your needs, see their handy overview of the two options available on the Resource Page.