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Seek 430 FM (Flat Mount GMX+ Fork)

Seek 430 FM (Flat Mount GMX+ Fork)

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Can I fit Hope or Paul Klamper brakes?
The Seek 430 FM has been designed to accept a wide variety of Flat Mount brake calipers, including Hope RX4+. However, due to the specific cable entry angle on the Paul Klamper brakes, there's a very high risk the cable housing will interfere with the fork leg.
Can I run a rack?
You sure can! The Seek 430 FM does not have a crown mount, so you will have to find a rack that attaches to the axle (via the included Relaxle) and the fork leg instead - such as the "Elkhorn" or "Divide" racks from Old Man Mountain. A Tumbleweed T-rack is also a possible option.
I prefer a very upright riding position, how many spacers can I put under my stem?
As with most carbon steerer forks on the market, we do not recommend running more than 30 mm of spacers below the stem. We also suggest putting a 3-5 mm spacer above the stem to ensure precise compression and ample clearance of your stem cap.
What's the weight limit?
Our Seek 430 FM fork has been tested beyond ISO 4210 standards for MTB/offroad riding (120 kg). Our extended tests were performed with extra weights attached to each fork leg. As such, our max recommended system weight (rider, bike + gear) is 140 kg.
How do I fit the steerer expander plug?
The full length of the steerer expander plug should extend past the stack of the stem, so do not leave excess steerer above the stem other than for light riding while dialling in your fit.

The expanding feature of the plug consists of 3 wedges - it is extremely important that the gap between the wedges DO NOT line up with the gap at the back of the stem clamp. Failure to follow this advice can lead to damage to the steerer.
Are the leg mounts removable?
No, the mounts are bonded to the fork and are not user removable. The 6mm hex recess in the mounts is only there to ease factory assembly. Should a mount become damaged, please do not try to remove it yourself. Please contact us instead.


Our improved non-suspension-corrected fork, complete with mounting points, so you can carry more on your next off-road adventure.


Curve Seek 430 FM Fork: 

Fork Specs:

Carbon construction
Weight: 646 gm
1 1/8" - 1.5" tapered steerer, 350 mm long
430 mm axle to crown
55 mm offset
15 x 110 mm (boost) spacing
Brake: Flat mount 160 / 180 mm 
8 x M5 mounts (4 per leg)
7 kg load limit (across 3 mounting points) - each side. 14 kg total.

What's Included: 60 mm long steerer expander plug
15 x 110 mm front axle
5 x single cable guides (for brake hose and dynamo routing)


Will the Seek 430 FM work with my frame? The Seek 430 FM fork has a tapered 1 1/8"-1.5" (28.6-39mm) steerer with a 350 mm length. We use this steerer type on all of our forks. It may work with your frame, but you may have to change your headset or headset bearings to make it work. Please have a professional bicycle mechanic fit your Seek 430 FM fork.

Will the Seek 430 FM work with HOPE calipers?

Yes. We recommend using the front specific +20mm caliper together with a 180mm rotor for best performance.

Will the Seek 430 FM work with Paul Klamper calipers?

Sadly, No. Due to the way the cable entry is angled on the caliper, it will interefre with the fork leg.

What is the maximum recommended spacer stack I can put under my stem? We don’t recommend any more than 30mm below your stem (40mm can be approved in certain cases), and suggest putting a 3-5mm spacer above the stem to ensure precise compression and ample clearance of your stem cap.

What torque should I use for the leg mounts?

Generally, you don't need to add a lot of torque to the M5 bolts to secure a mounting cage. The maximum recommended torque to attach a cage is 5Nm.

DO NOT use locking washers, apply threadlocker or use bolts with threadlocker already applied.

NOTE: If you're just putting bolts in the mounts to plug the holes - DO NOT torque the bolts. Only do them up finger tight.
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The remarkable Seek 430 FM bikepacking carbon fork

We have put a hell of a lot of work into the new Seek 430 FM fork to get it to where it is now. Our primary focus was to improve the load carrying capability of a carbon fork, but we managed to include a some other improvements, too...