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Flat bar for drop bar bikes.

The REMLAW Bar is our all-new handlebar optimised to provide comparable reach and handling as a drop bar, but with the comfort and simplicity of a flat bar. With 12° of sweep-back, hand positioning remains similar to that when using the hoods on a drop bar.

The REMLAW Bar has ample space for bags, lighting systems and other accessories making it the perfect flat bar companion for your next touring or bikepacking adventure!


Material 6061 alloy
Total Width 800 mm
Forward from Central Section 18 mm (At end of bar)
Central Section Length 142 mm
Sweep 12°
Reach 41 mm (At thumb & forefinger grip)
Clamp Size 31.8 mm
Grip Size 22.2 mm
Weight 400 g


Will the Remlaw Bar fit my bike? If your bike was designed as a drop bar set up, the Remlaw Bar will fit! If you are unsure, why not get in contact with us.
What grips can I use? Any industry-standard 22.2 mm handlebar grip for flat bar or mountain bike bars can be used. You can also use normal bar tape if you prefer. The same measurement is used for standard brake/gear shifter clamps for mountain bikes, also.
Does the Remlaw Bar come in different sizes? The Remlaw Bar come in one size. However, should you want a narrower bar you can cut them down to size. The bar comes with 5 mm marked increments to aid measurement. Please accurately measure and double check before cutting. Your local bike shop should gladly help you to cut the bars as needed.
Does the Remlaw Bar come in a riser version? Not at this stage. Being flat, it gives riders maximum versatility in bar positioning.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jo Le
Great for small bikes….and troublesome hands

I suffer from carpal tunnel in both hands, and also ride an XS frame. These two these (seemingly unrelated) meant a flat bar set up for my GMX was perfect. With the hand position I’m able to keep my wrists straighter than on drop bars & rest on my palms better without losing much crucial control of my bike. Secondly riding an XS frame ive struggled with carrying capacity. The flat bars slow me to use a roll front with no issues. The sweep back design is super comfy & actually looks mega cool. Very happy paired with SQlab inners & grips.

Andrew C
Bikepacking Bars

Just took the remlaw bars on a 500km route through the Vic alpine, replacing my Jones bars on a Rigid 29er. When combined with sq labs inner bar ends and Ergon grips, they provided acres of space for bag and lights and multiple hand positions for climbing, flats and technical descents. Highly recommend the remlaws, no neck shoulder or back pain despite long days in the saddle.

Remlaw conversion

Only been for one descent ride as yet but took to them like a duck to water. Converted Ti bikepacking bike from 55cm Walmer to Remlaw. Better suited to the rotary shifter for the Pinion gearbox, more control and better breaking position on the rougher steeper descents. Heading to NZ as soon as allowed.

Ian P
Great fit for my wife's Mason ISO Adventure bike - conversion from drop to flat bar

Hi Ryan/Steve/Curve Crew, I just wanted to let you know that I put the Curve Remlaw bars on my wife's Mason ISO and it's worked! I did have to cut them down to 700mm wide !!

She is so much more comfortable on the bike, can pedal out of the saddle, work at the hills and feel more confident downhill. She has long femurs and arms so a bit of a spider on a bike so needed the reach but didn't want a really long stem on an off-road bike with wide bars.

Extending her reach compared to other flat bars I have tried for her, has addressed some under carriage comfort issues by tipping her pelvis forward a bit which is also great.

I wanted to share this as I believe we all learn from each others experiments and you guys have obviously noted the trend towards flat bar gravel/adventure bikes for those less confident to use drop bars off road.

Should I have bought her a bog standard mountain bike rather than convert a drop bar adventure bike to flat bars? I don't think so as that has limited use and we do on and off road riding, with some touring too.

Great design, competitive pricing and surprisingly quick shipping to UK!

Aaron Apel
A clever solution

As of the day that I am writing this review I have had the Remlaw bar on my bike for about two weeks. I have a handful of off road rides and my first impressions are very positive. The position that Curve claims this bar achieves is accurate. I was formerly running a riser bar that forced me to put a stem that was 10mm longer than my original stem (that I was running with my dropbars). Prior to discovering the Remlawr via a article I was slightly miffed at my recent move to flatbars because of the need to account for reach and the effect it had on the handling (especially loaded). Thus far this seems like a slam dunk to keep my reach the same, and also keeping the handling of the bike similar to where I was at with the dropbar.

Additionally I can attest that there is more than enough room to mount both aero bars and a Salsa Anything Cradle.The only lingering concern that I am still working out is: once I cut the bars down to 750mm (from the stock 800mm) and mounted my grips and then my brake levers and shifter appropriately for my hand size, the brake levers encroach on the Anything Cradle. I have yet to get my dry bag mounted to the Anything Cradle to see if it will actually cause an issue, but if it does I might advise to a future purchaser to NOT cut the bars down to insure you have the maximum available width to play with while trying to use bikepacking accessories.