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Belgie ULTRA

Belgie ULTRA

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Where It All Started

The Belgie is affectionately named after Melbourne's infamous "Belgie Ride,” a short, sharp, mixed terrain shop ride that often resembles a CX race rather than a road ride.

Then after Jesse’s success in winning the 2015 Trans Am Bike Race, we wanted to develop the Belgie name further, highlighting the spirit of Australian endurance cycling. So the Belgie SPIRIT was born in 2016 to take on the 5,545km Indian Pacific Wheel Race, celebrating the rich history of the Overlanders from the 1890s. 

Furthermore, through feedback from endurance riders and athletes worldwide, we continued to develop this frame again, improving handling, cornering, clearance for light gravel tyres and now featuring bento box mounting points. As a result, we now call this version the Belgie ULTRA.

  • Lighter and Sleeker

    The Belgie ULTRA has thinner 16 mm seat stay tubing and an updated tapered head tube, resulting in a sleeker frame design and considerable weight savings.

    At 1630 grams, the Belgie ULTRA 56 frame is 180 grams lighter than the previous model.

  • Stability and Improved Geometry

    Longer chainstays, front centre, and overall wheelbase across all sizes. A taller stack and extended reach help make the ULTRA more comfortable on day long rides. This also helps minimise pesky toe overlap when using a wider tyre. This improved geometry makes the Ultra perfect for those long road kilometres, but also makes the Ultra perfect for fast, light gravel.

    The ULTRA features our Race 370 fork, resulting in tyre clearance of up to 33 mm. Both frame and fork can accomodate 33 mm CX/gravel tyres for greater off-road stability and grip.

  • Bento Box + Extra Storage Space

    The Belgie ULTRA features Bento Box mounting points on the top tube allowing riders to secure belongings in most bolt-on bike bags. We have also increased the size of the front triangle, allowing more storage capacity for top tube frame bags and water bottles.

    There is ample room for bikepacking bags on all frameset sizes. To make sure current, prospective or custom bagging fits your frame size please see our Bagmaker Drawing page.

  • Mechanical versus Electric

    Thanks to some improvements in engineering, the Belgie frame is now compatible with both electronic and mechanical gear systems. So you can now have your pick of eTap, Di2, or standard mechanical options.

  • Want to Carry More?

    With a wide range of frame and fork mounted rack systems on the market, and with more appearing every week, it is important to understand which rack systems are compatible with your Curve frame and fork, and how to mount them correctly in order to ensure safe riding, avoid damage and voiding your warranty. Before mounting a rack, we strongly recommend you get in touch with us to confirm compatibility and the correct mounting procedure. This will minimise the risk of injury, product damage and voiding your warranty. Your local Curve dealer, or the team at Curve HQ, can also help you select a rack system and mount it to your bike for you.

Belgie ULTRA Specifications


Frame - Titanium Curve Belgie ULTRA (1630 g Size 56)

Fork - Curve Race 370 (Max clearance: 33 mm)

Headset - Curve Integrated 42/52 mm semi-internal

Seat Clamp - Curve Alloy 31.8 mm

Other - Curve Cocky Headbadge, 12 mm Front & Rear Axles, spare rear derailleur hanger

Important Note: Please be aware that due to the steerer length of the Ride 370 fork (300mm), when paired with Ultra frames in sizes 61 and 64 only 10mm and 0mm of spacers will fit under the stem, respectively, due to the longer headtubes (61 cm - 240 mm, 64 cm - 250 mm).

If more stack is needed, an alternate fork with a longer steerer tube may be required. Please Contact Us to talk through possible options if this may affect you.

Groupset Options

SRAM Force AXS 12 sp

Shifter/Levers - Force AXS 2x12 sp - LHR / RHF

Brakes - Force AXS HRD Flat Mount Disc // CLX R CL Rotors 160 mm

Crank - Force DUB - 46/33 | 46-49 cm: 165 mm | 52-54 cm: 170 mm | 56-64 cm: 175 mm

Bottom Bracket - Curve T47 DUB 68 mm

Derailleur F & R - Force AXS 2x12 sp (RD Max 36t)

Cassette - XG 1270 10-36t 12 sp

Chain - Force 12 sp


SRAM Rival AXS 12 sp

Shifter/Levers - Rival AXS 2x12 sp - LHR / RHF

Brakes - Rival Flat Mount Disc // CL Rotors 160 mm

Crank - Rival DUB - 46/33 | 46-49 cm: 165 mm | 52-54 cm: 170 mm | 56-64 cm: 175 mm

Bottom Bracket - Curve T47 DUB 68 mm

Derailleur F & R - Rival AXS D1 12 sp (RD Max 36t)

Cassette - XG 1250 D1 10-36t 12 sp

Chain - Rival D1 12 sp


Curve G4T 35 mm or 45 mm - 700C

Carbon All-Road Wheels:

- 21 mm internal, 28 mm external, 35 / 45 mm deep

- Hub: DT Swiss 350 24H Centre Lock

- Spokes & Nipples: Sapim CX Ray & Brass

- Axle Spacing: 12 x 100 mm front, 12 x 142 mm rear

Finishing Kit

Bars - Curve Walmer Bar | 46 - 52: 40 cm | 54 - 64: 43 cm

Stem - Zipp SC SL | SC with Rival builds

Seatpost - Zipp SC SL 0° | SC with Rival

Saddle - Fi'zi:k Vento Argo

Tyres - Rubino Pro TLR 700 x 30c

Bar Tape - Curve black anti-shock

Please Note: Spec subject to change according to availability

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nick Costello
Belgie Spirit (now Ultra)

About two and a half years ago, I got one of the last Belgie Spirit (from Cycle Culture in Brisbane) before it was updated to the Ultra. My reason for buying this was to have the "one bike" that did everything. I looked around at a lot of options before test riding the Spirit. I had never ridden a Ti bike before and was hooked from the first few kms.

It was my original intention to do some gravel and bike-packing soon after buying, but COVID had something to say about that. So, I have been riding solely on the road and have been incredibly impressed with everything - comfort, handling, ride quality.

But I still had the itch to get onto the gravel, so I got myself a set of Curve Grav Al wheels and fitted them with 35mm tyres.

A few weeks ago, I finally did a weekend gravel bike-packing trip with some mates and am kicking myself for not doing it sooner. The Spirit showed it's true colours as an all-rounder with the extra weight of a saddle bag and frame bag seeming to make it handle even better and proved to me that the decision to buy this as the "one bike" was the right one.

I love the all-round abilities of the Spirit. And the guys at Curve HQ have been great with any questions I've had.

Cannot fault the service from the team at Curve and plan on spending the rest of my time riding the Spirit and recommending Curve to anyone looking for an all-round brilliant riding experience.


David Andrew

I took delivery of my Belgie Ultra last Saturday from Bike Dr., the local Agents in Perth.

After a few formalities I was out the door for a little spin. How was it?, asks Fletcher. “Like riding on an air cushion”, I say.

I spent quite a bit of time chatting with Steve Varga at Curve before I ordered as I was pretty anxious about an online buy, but we went through the options, I read everything availabile on line, and then took the plunge…

So, to the bike. It looks even more beautiful than I had ever hoped. Beautiful lines. It’s a real head-turner. I’m 56 so hard-ass carbon super bikes aren’t my thing.

The ride is seriously amazing. 30mm tubeless on G4T 45mm wheels are damn fast and super quiet.

Force AXS? Well I was a Dura Ace diehard so a departure to SRAM wasn’t without issues for me. I’m not going back!

This is no lightweight bike - 9kgs - but I am no lightweight either. Top end speed is equal to my light-weight carbon bike, and the damn thing climbs like a demon.

I am opting for a second wheelset with 33mm tyres for gravel do a quick change out has me on road or light gravel. Cannot wait to hit the dirt.

All up? I love it. Extraordinary value in this market and every adventurous soul needs one in the shed!

morgan williams
Introducing bernard the belgie ultra

Hey Rhino,

Fuck me, what a bike. I've named it Bernard after Bernard Black from Blackbooks. I'm not at all sure what the connection is but I like the character of both. Things I like (a lot) :

Descending. I'm a bit of a scaredy cat descender because I've got weak bones but on this bike coming down the hills in the dandenongs felt really comfortable. Not in a cycle hoon kind of way but comfortable, measured and like a local who knows the roads.

Ascending. Perfect gear range. Nice.

Walmer bars. Very comfortable in and out of the's a much more comfortable position for me with my limited mobility.

Sound of 45mm rims. It reminds me of the sound of Darth Vader's personal Tie Fighter. It's badass.

Tubeless roadfeel backed by titanium love - you just don't feel anything like the same amount of buzz from the road and also roll over some of the more minor gouges out of the road without really feeling them.

Electronic. Its neat. Nuff said.

Tarmac + Gravel. Both. Both works.

Also, nice to be looked after - my adoption experience was really nice - I came into Curve HQ, had a nice chat and a peppermint tea with Rhino and then took my bike out out for a spin behind the CUB brewery. I got lots of great advice about bike care and going tubeless.

The whole curve thing just works - nice bikes and good people.


Simon Restall
Sublime Ride

A new bike is never an easy decision and certainly one I don't take lightly.
I have owned steel, aluminium and carbon bikes. Always premium brands with top end running gear. I ride them for a few years a piece and generally put some solid miles under the tires in a mixture of terrain.
The decision to go Titanium wasn't hard. I had been thinking about it for years, so when I found Rhino at Curve, he patiently listened to me and we worked through what was going to suit my riding style and ambition.
The solution was the Belgie Ultra - And the result is stunning! There is only one word to describe this bike in my view and that is 'sublime'. The Ultra is a work of art that exudes beautiful engineering, attention to detail and an excellent finish - And that's just out of the box before you ride it!
On the road I cannot fault this bike. I am a larger guy, 193cm and 95 kg's so I am no sprinter, but I love a long ride with some challenging climbs and speedy descents. The Ultra has been sure footed on its Vittoria 700 x 30 tubeless tires on the Curve G4T wheels whilst providing an exceptionally comfortable ride, and immediate sense of confidence and reassurance. Handling for me has been a delight. Smooth and precise without any twitchiness or bad habits!
Honestly, in a world where we are bombarded with choice, I feel privileged to have found the team at Curve, and am now fortunate enough to be enjoying this Belgie Ultra - Quite simply a sublime ride.

Glorious allroader

There's a lack of reviews on the ultra so here are some very early thoughts after a couple of short rides.

I test road the Belgie V3 and Ultra and worried initially that with Ultra I would forego that urgent weapon vibe that an agressive racer like the v3 has...Where you go for a ride and think to yourself 'I'm an elite precision weapon and I will smoke these cars in the 50km zone'... and yes it doesn't have that, but I guess that's not what the Ultra is about.

It does have a different kind of weapon vibe though. Unbelievably planted through the corners, speed when you want it (but it's a bit like going from thrashing a 4 cyl car to hopping in a 6 and not noticing 0-60 in the same way), and the quality that jumps out most is hard to articulate... it's not comfort (which for some reason I find to be an offputting word when describing a bike... makes it sound slow maybe), it's sort of more like this is a luxury Robocop or terminator bike that makes you feel like you could cyborgbike-person your way from Melb to Syd...maybe chase some cars like the T1000 and scare people into thinking you can't/won't be stopped. Begs to be ridden longer distances, loves the road, loves light gravel. Love it.

The Belgie ULTRA is a Gravel Bike. Really?

I’ve been having a ball putting the Belgie ULTRA in gravel mode through its paces. Just recently, on a monthly Curve ride through Kinglake, Victoria, it handled rocky hiking trails littered with branches admirably...