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Ride 415 (Big Kev Fork)

Ride 415 (Big Kev Fork)

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Our flat-mount, carbon disc fork, complete with mounting points and two fork offset options to tailor your bike's handling according to the terrain or your riding style.


Ready for Anything
Our Ride 415 fork was specifically made to complement the Big Kev frameset and the 29-inch tyre clearance format. Featuring 4x M5 mounting bolts on each blade, the Ride 415 fork can accommodate anything from extra water bottles, to our Rocket Pooches, or any other micro pannier or fork-specific bag. 

Gravel Plus
A larger diameter means more comfort on rough terrain. With Big Kev, we have committed to the 29-inch wheel platform. With the new Ride 415 carbon fork, Big Kev is optimised for 2.1” tyres and can fit a maximum of up to 2.4” for extra control.

For less rugged missions or extra speed on fast gravel tours, you can slim down to 2.0” tyres for faster rolling. Gravel-plus means you can take on more than just pristine gravel roads. Big Kev gives you the flexibility to get more adventurous.

Tune Your Ride
The new Ride 415 fork is equipped with the ability to switch between two different fork offsets (also known as fork rake). It offers riders the ability to tune their bike's handling according to a desired riding style/preference or terrain. These two offsets will be labelled Forward (F) position and Backward (B) position throughout.

The F position makes handling quicker and needs less steering input to steer the wheel. Riding under load and at slower speeds will make the bike more controllable and is the preferred setup for most of the Curve crew when using Big Kev as a bikepacking bike. The F position is therefore the default position. Setting the offset to the B position slows down the steering and will be preferred by some as it will make the bike even more stable at speed. This is useful when riding unloaded around on faster gravel roads.

For a more in-depth dive into the specifications of the Ride 415 fork check out our blog through the link: HERE!


Fork Includes


Carbon construction
Flat mount disc
Matte black finish with white "chevrons" outline and white "Curve" outline decals
Mounts: 4x M5 per side
52 mm rake / 72 mm trail (front position), 46 mm rake / 79 mm trail (back position)
415 mm axle to crown
12 x 100 mm axle spacing
1 1/8" - 1.5" tapered steerer
350 mm steerer length
External routing

Steerer expander plug
Brake caliper offset adapter (necessary with the wheel in "B" position)
12 x 100 mm front axle
5x alloy cable guides for brake hose & dynamo cable routing
2x extra long M5 bolts for use together with the caliper offset adapter
Stem cap: Race Ride Seek



Will the Ride 415 work with my frame? The Ride 415 fork has a tapered 1 1/8"-1.5" (28.6-39mm) steerer with a 350 mm length. We use this steerer type on all of our forks and 44mm head tubes on all Curve frames. It may work with your frame, but you may have to change your headset or headset bearings to make it work. Please have a professional bicycle mechanic fit your Ride 415 fork.
What is the maximum recommended spacer stack I can put under my stem? We don't recommend any more than 30mm below your stem (40mm can be approved in certain cases) and suggest putting a 3-5mm spacer above the stem to ensure precise compression and ample clearance of your stem cap.
Front Rack Ready

If running a front rack, please remember that the fork is designed to carry a max weight of 6 kg (3 kg/ blade). We recommend using our Relaxle to securely fasten the struts to the bottom of the fork legs.
If using a rack with struts that don't reach the axle, these can be attached to the fork, but we don't encourage this as a secure option.

The Ride 415 features a crown thru-hole, so all you need to securely fasten a rack using its included bracket is a long enough M5 bolt (at least 65mm depending on the thickness of the bracket), a couple of washers and a self-locking nut.*

*Hardware not included.

How much can I carry on the fork legs?

The M5 rivnuts can carry 3kg across all three mounts. Please use a mounting cage that utilises all three mounts. If attaching something to only two of the mounts, the weight limit is reduced to less than 1kg. We do not recommend attaching water bottles to the fork.

What torque should I use for the leg mounts?

Generally, you don't need to add a lot of torque to the M5 bolts to secure a mounting cage. The maximum recommended torque to attach a cage is 5Nm.

DO NOT use locking washers, bolts with serrated heads or any kind of threadlocker (incl. bolts with threadlocker already applied). This can cause the rivnuts to come loose.

NOTE: If you're just putting bolts in the mounts to plug the holes - DO NOT torque the bolts. Only do them up finger tight.

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