DownRock Diaries by Jamie in the UK

DownRock Diaries by Jamie in the UK

The Curve DownRock lives life on the edge! Unwaveringly, it takes you to the ledge, throws you over, dangles you by the legs and then miraculously drags you back as if nothing happened. This bike is more comfortable being uncomfortable. It slides and drifts way longer than feels ok, until it finds grip you couldn’t imagine exists. It lives up to the press Curve gives it on their website, not that I’ve seen a frill neck lizard fanging around on hot sand before, but riding this beast has given me a fairly clear picture of exactly what this looks like.

DownRock Diaries

DownRock Titanium Hardtail
Surrey Hills MTB
Curve Titanium MTB Pike Forks

While the trails of the Surrey Hills are the dream adoptive home of this speed demon, it’s happy munching some serious XC mileage. The light frame not only makes it easy to ride back to the top of trails after getting your send on, it equally makes the bike the perfect companion for some XC adventures. Pack a frame bag of snacks and go and get lost in the wilderness. The DownRock is just at home meeting the local farm animals as it is getting sideways on a berm. Just treat it to the odd hell for leather descent after saying hi to the cows so it doesn’t get bored.

Jamie M is one half of @forzaragazzi__. Jamie was introduced to the Curve community, thanks to Jordan at G!RO and after a lifetime of dirt jumping and mud shredding, we both helped Jamie get on a DownRock to play with.  You can follow Jamie on the gram via @jmeolssn.


Written by Jamie for Curve

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