Tech Tips

Washing your bike

Use bike specific wash. Some truck washes can be corrosive to aluminium parts. Use a soft microfibre cloth and bike brush to avoid scratching parts. Avoid using high water pressure on areas with grease or bearings (BB, headset, hubs). Rinse thoroughly. 


Caring for your drivetrain

The best way to make your drivetrain last longer is to clean it regularly. Use a chain cleaner (or two kissing toothbrushes), lubricate the chain, brush gunk out of the cassette, clean the jockey wheels, remove excess lube. Replace parts as they wear out. 


Preventing disc brake squeal

Bed them in properly (ask your mechanic how), avoid getting detergents or oils on the rotors and pads. Wear the rotors and pads in together, and replace together. If your brakes are noisy, clean rotors and pads with a specific disc brake cleaner or isopropyl alcohol. 


Caring for your carbon rims

Keep within the recommended tyre pressure and maximum riding weight specifications. Take care especially around rocky or stepped terrain. 

 Do not mount your bike on a tow bar mounted rack, which will expose it to extreme heat from the car's exhaust pipe.