Big Kev x SRAM T-type Derailleur

Is the frame compatible with SRAM T-Type (Transmission) derailleurs?

The short answer is yes, but some chainring sizes may not be suitable for some frame sizes.

Please refer to this chart. 

The longer answer and a bit of background as to why this chart is needed:

When the Big Kev frame was developed, the T-type (Transmission) system had not yet been announced by SRAM, and the dropouts were designed to work with the UDH hanger while maintaining our regular "hooded" dropout design. When we learned about the T-type development, the Big Kev was already in production and it was too late to make any changes.

The T-type spec prescribes that a certain amount of clearance is needed for the derailleur's "full mount" bracket to be able to swing forward in order to accommodate a range of chainstay/chainring/chain length combinations. This forward swing may be impeded by the outside hood of the dropout on some frame size/chainring combinations on the Big Kev - so we made this chart to help identify the combinations where interference may be possible and extra diligence is needed during setup.

Always use the SRAM AXS app, online calculator, or the Eagle Transmission user manual for final verification of chain length, setup cog and setup key position.