Tom De Wilde

Tom De Wilde

Born and raised in Brussels (Belgium) my cycling career started on an old Motobecane turned single speed through the crazy ass city traffic. In 2014, after my second World Clubs Championship, I quit Ultimate Frisbee to focus on endurance sports, mostly triathlon. In the following years, life saw me living and backpacking extensively through Patagonia, NZ and Canada which confirmed my love for adventure, mountains and remote wild places. 

In 2019, I started my first solo thru-hiking + bikepacking/gravel trip from Northern Canada towards Ushuaïa which got interrupted halfway in Guatemala because of the world’s pandemic. After 8 months hanging in my hammock in the Central-American jungle, I decided to head back over to Europe and eventually settled in the Swiss Alps. 

Living in one of the most beautiful places on Earth is a privilege and my current life is a mix of exploring this amazing playground (gravel, road, trail running) and sharing that passion with others at my job in a local bike shop. From long distances with lots of climbing bike races and triathlons, I’m slowly turning to ultras. Life knows when I will leave that sedentary life to hit the road again and discover more incredible places.


Hometown - Currently : Mex (Valais)  a hundreds’ souls alpine hamlet nested in the Swiss mountains.

Favourite Ride - Road : 8 majorettes - 370km 10.000m over the most iconic Swiss passes, all in one ride ! A 24h challenge I designed, website coming soon. | Gravel: anywhere in Switzerland or in Utah

Achievements -
- I actually was a frisbee champ in a past life :p
- 16000km gravel bikepack and thru-hike (Dempster Hwy, GDT, GDMBR, AZT, TransMex bikepacking route)
- Altriman and Embrunman (Ironman distances Tris with stupid(ly fun) amount of elevation gain)
- SUCH22 Swiss Ultracycling Challenge


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