Theo Kelsey-Verdecchia

Theo Kelsey-Verdecchia

Hey! My name is Theo Kelsey-Verdecchia. I’m a 25 year old bike mechanic from Canada with a recently found passion for riding my bike for ridiculous lengths of time. I’ve been working in bike shops for about 8 years now, having spent the last two as the head mechanic at Brockton Cyclery, a touring / bikepacking specialty shop here in Toronto.

Ever since the first time I rode 100 km to my grandpa’s house in a neighbouring city I’ve become obsessed with the feeling of covering big distances on my bike. Since then I’ve turned my focus to off road ultra-endurance racing, having completed most of the big rides here in Canada. I love racing, but I’ve also done a bit of touring all over Canada, Italy, and Japan.

I’ve got a lot of plans for the next few years. I plan on doing a healthy mix of racing and touring all over Canada and the US, with the hopes of doing some riding abroad as well, travel restrictions permitting. It doesn’t really matter where I ride though, as long as I’m pedaling I believe the rest will take care of itself.

  • Hometown
  • Toronto, ON, Canada

  • Favourite Ride
  • Too many to choose from! I had an amazing time touring Liguria in Italy on my full suspension, but the BT700 route in Ontario has a special place in my heart. It’s where I first discovered my love for pushing hard over long distances.

  • Achievements
  • 2020 BTXL FKT

  • 2021 BTXL FKT

  • 2021 BT700 FKT

  • 1st Finisher 2021 Alberta Rockies 700

  • 3rd fastest solo time Grand Nith Ramble

  • Sponsors
  • Brockton Cyclery

  • Curve Cycling

  • Instagram:
  • @theokelsey_

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