Stephen Lane

Stephen Lane

I am Dr Stephen Lane, and I love bikes! Riding bikes, fixing bikes, writing training programs so people can go faster / longer on their bikes! In my former life, I was an elite road cyclist. These days I refer to myself as a sports scientist, cycling coach and off-road adventurer. I live deep in the Otway National park in Victoria, Australia, where I have more gravel roads to explore than you could ever imagine. After discovering a love for adventuring on my bike in more rugged areas than most people would be willing to go, I love exploring what is beyond my backyard. I am always venturing out to find what this little planet has to offer.

I still like to go fast, but as I get older, I enjoy going longer. After a few great experiences in some multi-day bike packing races, I am always looking to find the next more significant challenge.  As much as I love riding from A to B as fast as possible, the most memorable way to experience anything by bike is to share the adventure with others. Being part of "Team Curve' allows me to learn from some of the best bikepackers in the business and share some incredible adventures along the way!


Hometown – Barongarook, Victoria, Australia (aka The Otways)

Nickname – DrSLane / SLane / Doc / Laney (I'll answer to any)

Instagram - @DrSLane

Favourite Ride – Anything in the Otways. As long as it Gravel and has plenty of Vert. I still need to tackle this self-created monster

Achievements –
- Multiple Australian Masters Road and TT Championship wins
- 2 x Masters National Gravel Championship wins
- 2021 Victoria Divide 550 1st and FKT (38 hours 14 min)
- 2021 Winter Solstice 300 1st and FKT (14 hours) (well equal first - riding with a mate is more fun than solo :)
- 2021 Mallee Blast 1000 1st and FKT (54 hours)


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