Nikki Lawn

Nikki Lawn

From a background in swimming (athlete, coach & management) I started riding dirt in 2018 following a shoulder injury to stay sane while “resting”. Soon learning that races took longer than 2 minutes and the landings weren’t as soft, I was instantly hooked. After travelling to Arizona in 2019, we moved into our Volkswagen Transporter, spending three years travelling Australia full-time with my now-husband and two border collies, chasing trails. Though we now live in our little home in the mountains, still believe that life is about having less, living more and valuing what you do choose to own.

The main passion off the bike is to support and empower more women to ride dirt. Getting more girls on bikes is great; inspiring confidence and independence are better. So rewarding watching riders develop on and off the bike and then introduce other women to the sport.

I think I am the sprint athlete here at Curve, I’m terrible at pacing, and most of my races are all-out for around an hour. Though I train for a lot of hours to go that hard for that short a time, that’s where gravel comes into its own. Goals for 2023 is to give the XC & CX seasons a tickle and head out of a few more Curve crew rides to explore more VIC backroads with awesome ride vibes.

Quote: “Saving nothing for the ride home.”


Hometown: I was born and raised in the country QLD though I have very much adopted my new home in the mountains (Mount Beauty, VIC).

Favourite RideThe off-road gravel climb to the Mount Hotham snowline was pretty special. Even the Mount Buffalo or Mount Buller road climbs (with a dirt descent).

- Growing Mountain Biking Ladies from zero to now 3.5k members, extending into real-world skills days, social rides, product endorsements and giveaways. Encouraging more women to ride dirt and empowering those who already do.
Personally, coming back from being 35 kg overweight (autoimmune illness) in 2019 to a convincing top step at the Bendigo Women’s 3hr in 2021. Not the result, purely the work involved to overcome, chase and lay some ghosts to rest.

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