Jonathan Botha

Jonathan Botha

Generally I’m a private person that doesn’t like to reveal too much but, heyo, let’s give this a try. Fundamentally, I’m a husband, father-to-be and a Chartered Accountant. I strive to balance these aspects of my life in a way that doesn’t make me a pain in the ass to be around and get it right about half the time (I might have to double-check that one).

In 2017, while on a secondment in New York, I came to the realisation that I didn’t want to be doing the work I was doing and that I needed to take some time off to think. That led me to the Appalachian Trail where I spent six months hiking. While that trail concluded six months, and many miles later, the journey has never ended and I now find myself obsessed with the pursuit of finishing a big bikepacking ultra. 

Persistent running injuries brought me to cycling in 2020 during the dark days of hard lockdowns. There was a stage in South Africa where we were allowed outside between 6 am and 9 am for physical activity and I’d ride an old Raleigh RC6000 small frame (I’m 6 foot) up and down the hills around our house in Jo’burg until the frustration burnt off. I remember one day where this cop followed me all the way home until I turned into my driveway at 8:59 am. That was my first taste of victory and it was delicious.

Still at the forefront of my mind is the Rhino Run which I attempted (and scratched) this year! Please Curve let’s run it again in 2023? :-) For the last few weeks, I’ve been lucky enough to ride the Karoo. It’s a bike that feels like it can open a whole new world of possibility in this new phase of my life where I will continue to seek extreme balance. 
Recent resident of Cape Town, SA.

Favourite RideThe all-day, obligation-free ride. If I had to pick a route, it would be the Cederberg Circuit – a 245 km loop through the Cederberg region. 


- Cop race mentioned above.
- A couple of surprise podiums/top 10s here and there in some local races between 100 miles and 500 kms. 

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