Angus Burrell

Angus Burrell

I've always been riding a bike since my younger years as a teenager. I started off racing cross-country mountain bikes during my time in high school before breaking into the road racing scene. This was back in the era of loose-fitting lycra and 26-inch wheels. Growing up on a farm in rural New South Wales I always lived with a sense of adventure so going on wild training rides and adventures by bike is something I grew up doing.

I vividly remember my first bikepacking trip, my brother and I decided to ride from Sydney to our family home for Christmas. It was a 700 km journey on which day one coincided with a record heatwave and it ended a few days later with our mother having to collect us from the side of the road with a dramatic injury to the undercarriage. This trip was conceived by looking at the map and thinking of a different way to get somewhere.

The seed was planted and my adventures slowly continued and built up over the years leading to me packing my life onto my CURVE Kevin of Steel and heading overseas in early 2019. This adventure took me to far-flung parts of the world including Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Argentina, Chile, and many beautiful places in between. Currently, my international adventures are on an elongated pause... (domestic duties for now). I have spent many years coaching rowing and cycling and work as a cycling coach across many disciplines, working with some amazing athletes around the world going after their own awesome goals.

  • Hometown
  • Narrabri, NSW but I've been nomadic for a number of years
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  • @theguswagon
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  • B squad member 2019 TDU
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  • CURVE Cycling

  • Rapha

  • The Nanny Goat

  • Favourite Ride
  • My all-time favourite rides are the ones that have been shared with some special friends

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