Andy Lanskis

Andy Lanskis

I am a lifelong cyclist – first 15 years of mucking around and commuting to schools on Malvern Star “banana seated” dragsters and 3-speed internal hubbed “road bikes”. The following 20 years were more of a bike taper – but sadly punctuated by the theft of my beloved Repco road bike. The last 25 years was when I embraced the bicycle again, riding (and a little bit of racing) road bikes before discovering the beauty of “off-road” with MTB, gravel and adventure touring. 

I ride most days outdoors, almost exclusively off-road with various great groups, searching for new territory and challenges.
Off the bike, I’m a passionate climate change activist – trying to ensure we do what we can to maintain an earth that remains habitable by humans. 

What bike do you ride - GMX+ and Belgie ULTRA
Hometown - Originally Perth, Western Australia – but now definitely a Melbournian
Favourite Ride - Anything off-road, in deep tall forests (think: Gippsland, Tasmania, SW of Western Australia or the Otways) or the ancient beauty of desserts (Flinders Ranges, MacDonnell Ranges - Alice Springs).  Recent adventures include the Tasmanian Trail, Munda Biddi Track and the Mawson Trail – each with its own beauty and sense of place. 
Achievements - Surviving a pitch black night TT race on a MTB in the MacDonnell Ranges. 

Instagram @andylanskis
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