Abdullah Zeinab

Abdullah Zeinab

Hello everybody, my name is Abdullah Zeinab. I'm a 28 year old currently living in the Gold Coast, Australia. My cycling journey started roughly 7 years ago when I began riding my single speed to work everyday as a construction labourer. Over the years I began to fall in love with riding long distances and it has become something I'm extremely passionate about. To me, it has become a primary tool for self exploration and I love exploring my own mind. I enjoy racing but more so love the training. The training process is truly something special and is probably my favourite part of racing. It feels like you are a scientist in the laboratory. I am excited to keep evolving the process and finding out where it takes me.

HometownAdelaide, South Australia

Favourite Ride - My favourite ride is a five kilometer road loop in Palm Beach just next to where i live in the Gold Coast Australia. The loop is square shaped and consists of 5 left turns. I spent over a year pretty much exclusively riding on that loop training for a 24 hour ride so it has become something I love deeply.

Achievements (can be anything! Major race to local frisbee champion) -

• 2018 Indian Pacific Wheel Race 1st
• 2019 Trans America Bike Race 1st
• 2021 904 km 24 Hour Time Trial
• 2022 Rhino Run 1st

Sponsors - Curve Cycling Ambassador


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