The Dirty Willie - Tour Down Under 2020

The Dirty Willie - Tour Down Under 2020

Looking for a great ride to do during the TDU? The Dirty Willie is a road and gravel ("Dirty") ride from Adelaide to Willunga ("Willie") as part of the annual pilgrimage ride to the famous Willunga stage of the Santos Tour Down Under.  Even if you are not there for the TDU, it's a great ride out to the McLaren Vale wine region.

Tour Down Under - Dirty Willie Ride

Rides for the Tour Down Under

The ride is a mix of road and gravel, and designed to take you on some of the nicer gravel roads of the region. It's a pretty hilly course with 1,300 vertical metres of climbing in 85km, and remember it's one way! The gravel roads are usually in good condition so it's fine on a road bike (see more below)

What to expect

For comfort and protection against flats and the potential changing conditions of gravel roads, we advise some robust 28mm tubeless tyres as a minimum.

We will be riding the new Belgie V3 fitted with tubeless tyres on our G4T wheels as pictured below.

Bike and tyre choice

Ride Route Gravel Adelaide Willunga
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