Monthly Ride: Hell of the North East

Monthly Ride: Hell of the North East
DISTANCE: 60 km | 1100 vm
WHAT TO RIDE: Road bike
SURFACE: Road, bike paths, one very small light gravel road and cobblestone
START: Curve Cycling 
FINISH: The Foreigner Ivanhoe
RESUPPLY: Peppers Paddock General Store - 34 km on route.

Most of our recent rides have been more suited to gravel bikes, so road bike people, now is your time to shine! We would love to see plenty of Curve Belgie owners out there for the ride. Don't have a road bike? No problems - ride whatever you like!
'The Hell of the North-East' is our tribute to the classics. It is a social road ride exploring the north-eastern burbs of Melbourne. Expect a mostly sealed road route with a few bike paths, some very short sections of gravel and one cobble laneway as a tribute to the spring classics. The spring classics are also known for pinchy climbs - you'll get plenty of those too.
The ride finishes at The Foreigner in Ivanhoe for coffee, or for those after something for calorie saturated Gotham Donuts is just the ticket!
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