Monthly Ride - Bunyip Bonanza

Monthly Ride - Bunyip Bonanza
Gembrook, VIC, Australia
Taster - 65 km | 1,400 vm
Full Meal - 113 km | 2,000 vm
Gravel, Forest Tracks and sealed.
This is a social road ride exploring endless gravel roads, heavy forest tracks and climbs throughout the Bunyip State Park and its surrounds. Choose between the taster distance or challenge yourself with the full meal distance.
Both distances will start together, and you'll have a choice near the 48 km mark whether you keep it short or go long. Best to download both routes to be safe.
This ride offers all terrains. From hero gravel to littered forest tracks, gate hopping and a whole lot of climbing. Be prepared for some sections to be much slower going, but also take time to check out the views. There is a short road section at the start so please stay left and obey road rules. The course overlaps near the start/finish; when you reach Black Snake Creek Road, make sure you turn left. Be sure to check out the Four Brothers lookout, too on the first climb off Link Road.
A lot of the state park we ride through is tourist road, so make sure you are staying left as there can be traffic/4WD and dirt bikes that come around corners fast.
This route packs a punch, so make sure you plan for all conditions. Pack weather gear, heaps of food and two large water bottles. The ride starts and finishes in Gembrook, where you will find plenty of resupply options before and after the ride. The Gembrook bakery opens at 7am and the IGA at 730am.
PLEASE READ Short Course - There is NO RESUPPLY on this loop. Make sure you have plenty of water and snacks.
Long Course- On this loop, there is the option of an out and back to the top of Mount Beenak on Tower Track. It is very steep, you've been warned, but it's worth it. There is a basic resupply of water/toilets in Poweltown (km 77), and a pub if you need food/snacks.
The course is suited to gravel bikes or CX bikes. We strongly recommend a minimum of 40 mm tyres.
Both ride files below, let us know how you go if choose to ride this route!

Images: Jo Lee

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