Touring the Munda Biddi Trail - Southbound

Touring the Munda Biddi Trail - Southbound

Welcome to the Munda Biddi trail in Western Australia... We have great trails, beautiful natural backdrops that change daily, nice purpose built camping huts and charming towns to resupply along your journey... It also has flowing single track, switch back climbs and descents, gravel roads, quite back country sealed roads, emus, kangaroos, pigs, hail, more hail, rain, puddles, sunshine, great mates (BYO), mountains, coastline, beer, huge karri tree forests, -3 degree sleep outs, single speed conversions (Gotta earn these) and lots of K's. 

Enjoy my photo montage in no particular order.


Thanks to:

Munda Biddi Trail Foundation


Rapha Australia

Alee Denham - Cycling About

Campbell Townsend

Erin Baxter


Munda Biddi Trail W.A.

First night camping Kathmandu Bivy

Munda Biddi Northern Terminal - Curve Cycling CXR Carbon

Steep Climbs on day 1 of the Munda Biddi

Munda Biddi fast wet roads


Pine forrest smells great after rain

Munda Biddi

Hail Sun Hail Sun

Puddles everywhere

Sticky mud

Munda Biddi Rockier than expected

Hail again

Pine tree goodness

Munda Biddi wild pig

Munda Biddi Wild pig 2

Trail Hut Munda Biddi Munda Biddi Laundry bed

Forrest roads


Munda Biddi suns out

Munda Biddi Suns out again

Trains and bikes

Munda Biddi dirt tracks

Munda Biddi Forrestry

Munda Biddi Big trees down

Munda Biddi Pine forrest

Emu and Kanga

Munda Biddi fire damage

Keep em dry

Straight and fast

Divided road

End of the line


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