What is the Titanosaur?

What is the Titanosaur?
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    Hey Ryan – There are even fewer wheel and tyre options in 32" than 36". 36" is a common unicycle standard which helps a little.

    Jesse from Curve

    I am all in for grave & MTB bikes for taller riders. At 201 cm it’s tough.

    Why not go with a 32” wheel though? I feel that would be perfect for most taller riders without getting too big and making finding wheels & tires even more difficult.


    I’m just leaving a 2024 comment here in hopes that the titanosaur gets a bit closer to reality. At 6’6" a bike my size that looks good would be amazing

    John P

    I would love to be a tester of your 36 inch bike.


    Hi Pat Ient… Unfortunately there are no further updates to report. The COVID years made this project difficult to push ahead with. Hopefully we’ll be able to progress it over the next year. We only ever send products into the wild when we’re 100% satisfied!

    Jesse @ Curve

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