What is the Titanosaur?

What is the Titanosaur?
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I would love to be a tester of your 36 inch bike.


Hi Pat Ient… Unfortunately there are no further updates to report. The COVID years made this project difficult to push ahead with. Hopefully we’ll be able to progress it over the next year. We only ever send products into the wild when we’re 100% satisfied!

Jesse @ Curve

Hi guys, I’ve been keeping an eye out for any further news on the Titanosaur but haven’t seen anything since this blog. Has there been any movement?

Pat Ient

Sign me up! 100% in!


Time for Curve to step up with a set of 36" ‘Dirt Hoops’ to match. Despite just building up a full custom Seven Sola monstercross (with 20.5cm long headtube) at 198cm tall I’d be seriously interested in this. What are you running for drivetrain on the prototype?


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