Tiny Bike Packing for Big Adventures

Tiny Bike Packing for Big Adventures

Words by April Drage

I am lucky enough to call a fun sized XS Kevin of Steel and a Big Kevin my own, I’m also a big fan of that old school game “Tetris” where you have to neatly stack all the bricks under a time pressure. Having recently started working at Curve Cycling, I thought it might be fun to combine these loves of mine and do a bit of a rapid pack of a *really* tiny (XXS) Curve Cycling GXR "Kevin" as though he was setting off on a grand adventure. I was curious to know what bags and just how much water would fit on a bike so tiny. 

Here’s what I found: 
This XXS is packed to the brim with:
2x Zefal 1 litre water bottles.
1x Curve Cycling 800ml water bottle. 
RECAP: SO that’s 2.8 litres of water on the frame without even trying!

Apidura Bags:
Expedition Handlebar Pack 9L, Expedition Saddle Pack 9L, Apidura Food Pouch Plus 1.2L, Apidura Racing top tube pack.
Curve Cycling’s very own: 
Rocket Pooches complete with their lovely titanium Rocket Cages. These bags fit a surprising amount of gear in them and importantly, help keep all the fun camping things well organised.

AND in case you were wondering (as I was!) what can you fit in a 9 litre front roll bag that size, between size 46 Walmer Bars.
I very carelessly shoved my entire sleep kit in there; an Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy (luxury!), a Sea To Summit Flame 1 sleeping bag AND a Sea To Summit Ultralight Sleeping Mat (size regular). If I was going to get serious about this adventure, I’d take them all out of their packets and roll them up together. Then I’d have even MORE space to play with. 

Gone are the days of playing with racks and trying to make tiny bikes work in the real world. Upon discovering all this I was equal parts surprised at just how much this tiny one can carry, proud to work for Curve & excited to take this one out on an adventure!

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    Wow. Amazed how much sleeping kit you can cram into the handlebar bag! And you’ve still got room to strap some stuff onto the front of the bag/roll. Why would you ever need panniers? Nice work.


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