Curve GXR Fork Recall

Curve GXR Fork Recall

Curve is currently going through its first product recall. The most recent batch of GXR forks (SKU: CVFK049-GXR SN HJ2019080XXXX) made late in 2019 is being recalled due to a manufacturing defect.

UPDATE : 29 - 05 - 20

For those who have been affected by the GXR Fork recall, including if you have received a fork from the recall batch, or if you are waiting for your fork or a titanium GXR or Kevin of Steel frameset or complete bike. (see original statement below)

Firstly, we would like to extend our apologies for the inconvenience this has caused and for any additional delays in regards to receiving and enjoying your Curve products. We would also like to thank you for being patient and understanding, it means a lot to have your support.

Sorry, you still may have to wait upto 8 weeks, but there is finally some good news as the first replacement batch GXR forks have passed all tests with flying colours and are starting to send out and replace. Blue and Green forks for the Kevin of Steel are in paint and are due to dispatch mid-June. Please note, this first batch will not cover all people waiting, so you may have to hang on a little longer, thanks again.

If you have received a faulty fork and are waiting for a replacement, please make sure you have either sent us back the faulty fork, or photos showing the serial number and the carbon steerer cut off at the crown. (See video example.) 

Once we have received evidence that the fork has been destroyed or returned, we will send a replacement. As part of the recall process, we need to ensure that all forks with serial numbers HJ-201-9080-XXXX are removed from circulation, as they are potentially unsafe to use.

We will begin dispatching black forks and titanium GXR framesets and complete bikes from this week. If you are waiting for a GXR fork, frameset or bike and do not need to return/destroy a faulty fork, please ensure your order has been paid in full so it can be dispatched as soon as possible, or contact us if you have any questions about your order. 

As we have a large number of bikes and framesets to assemble and dispatch, please note that not all bikes will ship straight away, but we will do our best to ensure they ship as soon as possible. 

To contact us, please email or call us on +61 (03) 8375 7066. 
You can also visit us at our Melbourne headquarters Mon-Fri from 10am–4pm.



We are extremely sorry to have put you or any customer in this position, especially now during this current climate of hardship. Curve has directed all its energy into correcting this issue.


We’ve managed to capture the problem quickly, but unfortunately it has delayed current Kevin of Steel orders and upcoming Kevin titanium builds. Most embarrassingly, a number of customers had actually received them. Thankfully no incidents have occurred and we’ve reached out to each customer for return and to resolve the issue. 


Will my fork be affected?

No, not likely. Problem forks have only been in circulation since December 2019 and can be identified by new artwork, as shown below and by serials number as stated previously. If you are uncertain, contact us immediately for assessment.


If you want all the gory details please feel free to read on, or feel free to reach out for a chat. 


We uncovered the problem mid batch, when QC found a few misaligned forks. This immediately prompted independent testing on the batch. The GXR forks are tested under the ISO 4210 benchmarks, and while it passed all the usual strength and bending tests, it failed the ISO 4210-6 5.6.3 brake fatigue test, which replicates 20,000 repetitions of extremely heavy braking.

One hundred forks from this batch were allocated to our Kevin of Steel project which is now on hold, and the other hundred black painted forks were intended to be sold individually or with GXR Titanium bikes. Unfortunately, 54 of the 200 forks have already been dispatched to customers or stores.

We invested heavily in developing this fork, and despite this recall, the GXR fork will continue to be a success; it has done thousands of kilometres of extreme adventures all across the globe. 

So what happened here?

Our investigations have revealed a manufacturing fault in this batch, where the “over-grinding” of an area created a weak spot near the brake mounts. Subsequent testing revealed that the manufacturer’s internal testing equipment was not calibrated to the higher standards that we require from this fork.

What processes were already in place to protect customers?

Curve has global insurance policies in place to cover personal injury. Thankfully no customer forks have failed out in the real world and no incidents have arisen. It is Curve’s main priority to ensure our customers are safe and able to confidently enjoy Curve products.

What actions have we taken?

We've traced the serial number of every recalled fork and made contact with impacted customers and shops, offering three options:

  1. A refund for the fork at retail value.
  2. A replacement with an equivalent third party (non-Curve branded) fork. 
  3. A replacement with a Curve GXR Fork, due in May.

We are committed to making this up to you and to ourselves. While we managed to catch this problem early, it wasn’t early enough; these forks should not have been ridden. While it’s “only 54 forks” and many cycling brands have experienced this on a much larger scale, it's a club that we didn't want to be part of. 

We’re a brand built on making products that last, but unfortunately, in this case, we have failed. We are a young brand and people have only just learned to put their trust in us. Now we must rebuild this trust and improve our processes.

In light of this we have set up new independent testing facilities to test future batches of forks: one here in Australia and an independent testing facility in Taiwan. We have also imposed more stringent and comprehensive QC testing standards at the fork manufacturing facility. The same rigorous testing standards are being applied across Curve’s entire product range, from frames to thru-axles.  

Once again, we extended our sincere and deepest apologies for our failure. We are working night and day to resolve the issue as quickly and possible, to deliver solutions at the highest possible standard while avoiding inconveniencing our valued customers as much as we can. If there is anything we can do to help, or if you have any questions or feedback please reach out to our friendly team via

Thank you and stay safe.

Curve Crew

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