The Apex Eagle Has Landed - New Groupset Options for Curve's Steel Complete Bikes

Curve Cycling SRAM Apex Steel Complete Bike Builds
You may have seen that SRAM recently released their 12-speed Apex Eagle mechanical system. It's an affordable option for those who are more price conscious, but still offers an awesome groupset package. In fact, it's almost like SRAM bugged Curve, learned what our ideal groupset was while snooping on us, and delivered our dream adventure bike drivetrain. 1x up front, a super-wide gear range with a 10-52 cassette and MECHANICAL shifting for those of use who are not ready for robots to take over the planet. Yes!
Mechanical 12-speed is a first for SRAM, and the new Apex system is compatible with all of SRAM’s 12-speed offerings across road, gravel and MTB.

Curve has been lucky to secure a small number of these Apex systems, and we're offering two new complete bike options: one for our Kevin of Steel and the other for our new GMX+ Steel.
Curve Cycling GMX+ Steel with SRAM Apex and Dynamo
We didn't just lazily whack Apex on these bikes. No. We selected the best of the Apex range and blended it with the ever-reliable Rival and GX level products, resulting in super reliable builds at a more affordable price. We only ever sell the builds that we want to ride ourselves. We've specified upgrades where they matter. For example, these builds include the XG 1275 Eagle 10-52T cassette as well as Rival and GX cranksets for the Kevin of Steel and GMX+ Steel, respectively. 
So what do these complete offerings look like, and what will they cost?

Kevin of Steel Apex Eagle + Rival
Ride 400 fork
Grav AL 650b wheelset (with DT Swiss 350 hubs)
Walmer Bar
Zipp finishing kit
Upgrades included in pricing: Rival 1 crankset, XG 1275 EAGLE 10-52T cassette
Australian RRP: $5,499 (incl GST)
GMX+ Steel Apex Eagle + GX
Seek 430 FM fork
Dirt Hoops Alloy Dynamo Wheelset (with rear DT Swiss 350 hub)
Walmer Bar
Zipp finishing kit
Upgrades included in pricing: GX Eagle crankset, XG 1275 EAGLE 10-52T cassette
Australian RRP: $5,649 (incl GST)
Curve is excited to offer these affordable complete builds for anyone looking to expand on their gravel and off road bike collection. 

To learn more, or discuss a purchase, speak with your local stockist, or email our team at Happy riding!
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