New Life Cycle - A 20,000km awareness-raising adventure

New Life Cycle - A 20,000km awareness-raising adventure

Meet Troy Bailey, a new member of the Curve crew. At Curve we love it when our mates find a mission that they're passionate about and work tirelessly to make it happen. Troy is days away from kicking off his own massive adventure, one in which he's packing up his life and hitting the road on his bike for New Life Cycle. Why? Read on to find out what he's up to.

Troy Bailey and Chloe New Life Cycle

Troy and the ever faithful "Chloe" will complete a 20,000km, mostly off-road, lap of Australia in 180 days. Don't worry, Chloe will probably spend a fair bit of time in the support vehicle. Pic: Troy Bailey

Troy is a former World Solo 24hr mountain bike champion. He also has a bunch of national and state level podiums in endurance MTB racing to his name. Other highlights in his endurance cycling career include two podium finishes at the grueling Terra Australis race, a seven day stage race through the Victorian Highlands. Troy was also previously a member of the BMC Australian Mountain Bike Team.

Troy has been running his own business for the past 15 years, practicing as a licensed builder, concentrating on residential renovations. More recently he has focused on recycled timber furniture and set up a workshop in Collingwood utilising waste materials from building projects. This has enabled him to creatively explore his craft as a carpenter and joiner.

Troy Bailey New Life Cycle

Troy has spent a lot of time plotting out an off road route around Australia. He plans to ride this route to raise national awareness for the treatment of those seeking asylum in Australia. Pic: Troy Bailey

Troy's passion for human rights issues has inspired him to pack up his workshop and all his belongings to embark on an 20,000km journey on his bike around Australia. His objective is to raise national awareness for the treatment of those seeking asylum in Australia and to promote humane alternatives to the current regime of off-shore processing.

Curve Cycling Grovel Steel Touring Bike

Troy will have a Curve Cycling Uprock and a Grovel v2 among his bikes on this adventure. The Curve Cycling Uprock is a titanium MTB 29er but it's not just a normal hard-tail MTB. right now Gareth Pellas is racing the 4,500km Tour Divide bikepacking race on one. The Grovel is a proven rugged touring rig with a growing number of serious journeys on its list of adventures. Whether it's Paris-Brest-Paris, the Japanese Odyssey or touring across the top end, the Grovel is a great choice for tough all terrain adventures.

We wish Troy all the best with his mission. Please visit New Life Cycle and get behind Troy in whatever way you can; if you feel inclined I'd encourage you to donate to his cause as well.

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