Jonas Deichmann - Cape to Cape World Record

Jonas Deichmann - Cape to Cape World Record

On 8th September 2019, Jonas set off at Cape North in Norway to cycle unsupported, to Cape Town South Africa. 

Jonas Deichmann Cape to Cape


While he raced to break the record, the aim was to have a great adventure and explore the scenery and culture that the amazing route offered. 

Jonas Belgie Spirit

"I finally arrived at the Waterfront here in Cape Town, South Africa . In 72 days, 7 hours and 27 minutes I have travelled 18.000 kilometres on my bike, all the way from North Cape, Norway to here. I completed the journey 30 days faster than the world record. I am tired, sore and very very happy. I want to thank everyone who has supported me on this adventure. Now I am going to have a little party here in Cape Town to celebrate'

Jesse and Sarah were there to welcome him home!


After a start in the Arctic and the endless motorways of Russia, the Middle East was a logistical challenge. Then halfway through the ride, the African adventure began.

Moscow Jonas Titanium Bikes

Jonas in Moscow



Jonas kept a daily diary, 

Day 32: One of the worst days ever on my bike. Philipp (my riding partner) decided to scratch in the morning. He is physically feeling better but the prospect of crossing the Sahara made his decision after he had been suffering from day 2 on. I had out into the Sahara alone. After running low on water and suffering from dehydration, I accept Nile water from a tribesman. I get quickly stomach problems and suffer heavily all afternoon in the merciless desert. After 230 km I get stopped by police at a Checkpoint. I want to continue riding to Argen at the Sudanese border but they make me stay and pitch my tent at the Checkpoint. There is no food and I haven't eaten all day and its loud as they are shouting around and have their radio transmitter on. Sleeping impossible. While I can go to toilet etc. there is always someone following me. When I walk 2 meters in a different direction immediately someone shouts "Stop“. Effectively I feel like a prisoner. 100 km to Sudan and I am so looking forward to crossing that border.?

you can read through his journey via the links below.


Jonas Unsupported Cape to Cape

Jonas Deichmann Bike

The Bike & Equipment

Every successful expedition needs the right equipment. Particularly in Africa. His gear list for racing from Cape to Cape at record speed has remained more or less the same from the colds of Finland through the desert. Of course we are super proud to have him on a Curve Belgie Spirit.


  • Curve Cycling Belgie Spirit Titanium frame / Curve Carbon fork
  • Shimano-Road Ultegra 2x11 Group
  • Brooks Cambium Saddle
  • Tune Kong/ KingKong hubs with Stans Grail rim
  • Schwalbe tires ProOne 30mm tubeless tyres
  • Pro Vibe/Koryak Handlebars/ aerobar / seatpost


Jonas Ortlieb Packlist

  • Ortlieb Outdoor Equipment De Bikepacking bags (Seat, frame & handlebar)
  • 2 Jerseys & 2 bibs (Primal Europe Ltd)
  • Windvest
  • Rain Jacket
  • Armwarmers
  • Undershirt
  • 2 pair of Socks
  • Chiba Gloves BioxCell Gloves
  • Bliz Fusion Glasses and Helmet
  • Tarptent Protrail tent
  • Sea to Summit - Outdoor Gear Spark 2 Sleeping Bag
  • Sea to Summit Mattress
  • Foldable Bowl and Spoon
  • Mini towel
  • GoPro Hero 7
  • Selfie stick
  • Samsung Galaxy phone
  • Sigma Sport Germany Rox 12.0 Computer
  • Supernova Airstream light
  • 2 Sigma Nuggets Backlight
  • Zendure Powerbank and charger
  • Toiletries
  • Spare Tyre & Tubes
  • Tools (I carry bottom bracket, spokes etc. and tools to change it)


  Cape to Cape World Record


What an amazing journey, what an effort! A huge congratulations from the Curve crew. Support and catchup on his journey via the links below.



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