Jimmy Ashby's "Local" Desert Loop

Jimmy Ashby's "Local" Desert Loop
After riding around the globe at the tender age of 19, Jimmy Ashby was awarded the 2019 Australian Geographic Young Adventurer of the Year. 
In June 2020 he was supposed to be out there again, riding in some exotic and remote overseas locations. Then, as COVID struck and restrictions kicked in, he had to change plan and look local.

The best way to know that you’re on a deep and remote adventure is when you’re 200km+ from the closest town and one of the few cars you see that day pulls over just to tell you you’re crazy… 

It's June, 2020 and I should be on a 3-month back road mission across Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan however when Corona kicked in everything was flipped upside down. After laying low for a while I found myself looking local, within the borders of South Australia just buzzing to get out and about! With no work or reason to sit in Adelaide I did what I know best, packed up my bike and rode north with no where to be and no need to be home soon it was pure freedom.

I’ve always been drawn to the vast beauty of the Australian Outback and even after exploring the world by bike, the outback is still one of my favourite places to be, so I set fourth to ride to Innamincka, up the Flinders Ranges to Arkaroola and then across the 480km long Strzelecki Track and then back again.

Heading out there with Jimmy Ashby

Mawson Trail
Bike Packing the Desert
Cycling Australian desert


Frame Steel GXR
AKA Kevin
Groupset SRAM Rival 2x
Wheels CURVE Dirt Hoops 650B
Tyres Continental Raceking 2.1"
Saddle SQ Lab Saddle
Extras Clip on Aero Bars


Frame Bags Custom Treadlite Frame Bag
Apidura 17l Seat Bag
Revelate Harness
Skin Grows Back Feed Bags
Treadlite Top Tube Bag
Clothing Ground Effect Rivet
& Helter Skelter Rain Gear
Ground Effect Phantom Windproof Jacket
Patagonia Synthetic Down Jacket
Beanie & Buff
Ground Effect Shorts, Shirt, Gloves & Leg/Arm Warmers
2 X Ground Effect Top Thermals
Sleeping Outdoor Research Bivy
Sea To Summit Spark 2 Sleeping Bag
Sea To Summit Sleeping Mat
Other Repairs Kit
First Aid Kit
Garmin Etrex 32
Fly Net
Folding Backpack
12l Of Water In Bottles & Bladders
Kindle Fork & Bowl
Power Packs & Cables
2 X Front & Back Lights
Curve Gravel Bike
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