Jesse Carlsson crashes out. Sarah Hammond leads!

Jesse Carlsson crashes out. Sarah Hammond leads!
Sad news that Jesse Carlsson has pulled out Race to the Rock. After speaking to Jesse and from his facebook feed, this what we have ascertained;

After doing all the rocky difficult single track, and coming to the end of the Mawson trail, Jesse had a big stack on an unsuspecting smooth gravel downhill run. He was heading west into a setting sun and was briefly blinded by glare as he approached an unseen clay wash out full of ruts. The bad timing saw him come down very hard, heavily winding himself (and puncturing a hole in jersey in his chest), throwing his back out and also sustaining injuries to his wrists and ankle, plus some deep and dirty cuts and grazes.
He managed to remount and ride one handed in agony about 30kms to Parachilna where he stayed the night. He still wasn't sure of the extent of the injuries "in these races everything hurts anyway, so you don't really know how bad the injuries are".
After resting he awoke to a very swollen ankle and wrist, but headed out for another 60km ride on one arm, one leg and lots of rough gravel to Leigh Creek to see a doctor. The doc. cleaned him up but suspects a broken wrist (no x-ray machine in Leigh Creek), so with Jesse not being able to hold on to the bars, he has understandably decided to pull out.
Hard bloody yakka is what Jesse is made of, and even though he won't finish, Curve  and Jesse can proud of what Jesse has achieved for this race in such a short time. Luring riders from Australia and the world to take on this adventure with him. Plus the stunning coverage with Cycling Tips ensures that more people will attempt this crazy but amazing ride. Now he can also be proud to see Sarah Hammond, the only female entrant, who was sitting in fourth on day 3, has now taken the overall lead. 

What a race! Well done Jesse.

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