G4T Road Tubeless Tyre Setup with Lisa Jacobs

G4T Road Tubeless Tyre Setup with Lisa Jacobs

At Curve, we've long championed tubeless technology in mountain biking and we impatiently waited for road tubeless technology to catch up. Schwalbe was one of the pioneers in this space, being one of the first to offer tubeless tyres for road bikes. While initially, road tubeless tyres were not as fast or reliable, now Schwalbe and other brands have drastically improved their tyre tech to produce some of the fastest (and most reliable) road and gravel tyres ever made.


If you want to see how fast, you can head over to sites like BicycleRollingResistance.com to see the amazing results that they are achieving. The top 3 fastest tyres in the world as measured by BRR are tubeless, faster than tubular tyres.


As shown in the video, Lisa and Kate give us some pro tips to through four basic steps to setup tubeless ready tyres in a clean and efficient way.

PRO TIP: If your tyre is stubborn and does not seat, do not over inflate it pop into place. Instead, deflate the tyre and spray or rub a little bit soapy water on the tyre wall before re-pumping. This will allow the tyre to easier slip out of the rim channel to seat.

EASY AS 1, 2, 3, 4...

With the G4Ts, we spent a long time optimising the tubeless rim profile for easy fitting with most tyre brands. We also improved the carbon rim construction to get a very balanced build all round. More balance equals less vibration and vibrations slow you down. When you combine some supple fast tubeless tyres with G4Ts you get to experience that lovely "free speed".


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