Curve Crew Vic Divide: Kit Run Down

Curve Crew Vic Divide: Kit Run Down

Age: 35

Rig: GMX+ Custom Proto 

Group: 12sp GX eagle

Ratio: 30 X 10/52 

Wheels: Dirt Hoops Carbon with Rekon 2.6 Tyres, 

Baggage: Fabio’s chest + saddle bag 

Other: Flat bar Giant BMX+ setup with Monē Oddmonē riser bars 

Expected Time: 4 days diesel pace 


"First timer on the Vic divide, although familiar with some parts of the course. I am entering with the intention to enjoy the route, I am here for a good time not a fast time! I am looking forward to the climbs and the joy of waking up to fresh coffee in the tent in the high country."


JB Mariez

Age: 22

Rig: GMX+ Custom Proto 

Group: Apex Group with 12sp Conversion. 

Ratio: 30 X 10/52 

Wheels: Alloy Dirt Hoops Carbon with Mezcals (2.6 front 2.35 rear) 

Baggage: Hungry Big Lunch, Apidura Racing Saddle Bag and top tube bag, Decathlon feed bags 

Other: 55 Walmers and Dyno charging setup from K Lite 

Expected Time: 2 days, sleep diet schedule

"I tackled the race last year with a mate, and fell in love with the sport and the community. No surprises that I am back this year. Hoping to beat the time from 2020, now with many more kms, better gear and more experience under my belt. Still learning the whole no sleep thing, we shall see how we go, yeehaw! Most enjoying spending some time in the high country after the year we have had."


Hamish McGowan

Age: 42

Rig: Ti GMX+, Walmer bars (55cm)

Group: SRAM Force1 

Ratio: 32 x 10-42

Wheels: Dirt Hoops Carbon with Mezcal 2.6 Tyres 

Baggage: 2 x Feed bags, Terra Rosa Gear split frame bag & top tube bag, 2 x rocket pooches, 3 x 1L bottles. Will be carrying some arm and leg warmers, rain jacket, a puffy jacket (doubles as sleeping bag), SOL Escape bivvy, plus some spares, snake bite kit and first aid.

Expected Time: 2-3 days

"Third time on the route (let’s not talk about the first time). 

Hoping to improve from last year and if all goes to plan finish on the third day. The amount of elevation is challenging, so I know I might be asking a lot of myself. Having done the route before, I know where the tough sections are and what to expect, which should be a good thing. Running gears instead of singlespeed this year - time will tell if that will make me go faster or if it will stuff me up.

Looking forward to getting out there again. It’s such a beautiful route to ride!"


Jimmy Rostlund (JTS)

Age: 21+10

Rig: GMX+ Custom Proto - Small - drop bar (50cm Walmers)

Group: SRAM Apex/GX Eagle thanks to 12sp Ratio conversion kit (sorry SRAM)

Ratio: 30t  x 10-52 

Wheels: 29” Dirt Hoops Alloy (SP Dynamo) with WTB Ranger 3.0 tyres

Baggage: Apidura/Rapha front roll for sleeping gear, large Topeak top tube bag for snacks, sunscreen, nurofen; Roadrunner ‘wedge’ bag for more snacks, electronics, toothbrush; 3 x 1L bottles on frame, seat bag for warm clothes and more snacks.

Other:  The hook from Barbra Streisand (Duck Sauce) stuck in my head for days on end, 

Expected Time: No idea.

"I have done a bit of road and gravel bikepacking before, but the amount of technical riding on this ride has me nervous, mainly because I’m worried I’ll be so slow through the sections that I’ll run out of snacks. That's probably the worst possible thing that could happen. Actually, the worst thing is if my bike slides down a cliff, taking all the snacks with it, then I’m screwed."

Kate 'Cake' Fowler

Age: OLD

Rig: GMX+ Custom Proto

Group: Apex Group with 12sp Conversion.

Ratio: 34 x 50-9  (e-thirteen cassete)

Wheels: Dirt Hoops Carbon with Mezcal 2.6 Tyres,

Baggage: 2 x Rocket Pooches to carry mostly clothes , 2 x Feed Bags, 3 x 1l Bottles, 1 x Saddle Bag to carry bivvy and spares.

Other: Fit by RiderFit & some fully sick sick Aero Bars, but maybe I am fooling my self.

Expected Time: 2 days

"This is my first time, it's only 550kms, how hard can it be, right? Yikes I would like to think I can do it in two days, but I am a bit worried about all the elevation and rough terrain. Wishful thinking probably.

Can I carry enough food between stops? So many questions. Arggh!!!  No matter how fast or slow I ride, I am however very excited about getting out there in the bush and riding out in the high country... it's pretty pretty out there."


Adam Lana

Name: Steve Varga (aka Phteve)

Age: 42

Rig: Ti GMX+ SS (sliding dropout proto) Remlaw prototype flat bars - New bars for drop geometry bikes with Billy Bar proto add-on.

Group: Shimano / Surly single speed

Ratio: 30 x 19

Wheels: Dirt Hoops Carbon custom WIDER rims SP Dynamo PD8X-110 front with DT Swiss 240 SS hub, Sapim CX Ray spokes set up with Mezcal 2.6 Tyres

Baggage: Feed bags, custom-home improved Bar Roll, Terra Rosa Gear split frame bag & top tube bag, 3 x 1L bottles. 

Other: First AID kit with snake bite bandage. Warm clothing for the unpredictable weather in the high country, Tunes via Aftershokz Aeropex, Full K-Lite electronic setup with all the add-ons, SQ Lab inner barends, Prototype Curve ti cages

Expected Time: 2-3-4-5? days

"This is my third start on the VD550, and I’m looking forward to entering the course with experience and memories already under my belt. In 2019 I finished in around 2.5 days with a single speed titanium GXR and in 2020 in around 3.5 days on my SS GMX+ but with 55 Walmer bars. I enjoyed last year's approach where a couple of us (Jimmy, Hugh and I) enjoyed the route sharing moments together or not too far apart. We travelled swiftly when moving, but enjoyed long sleeps at the end of each day. We even had a pub meal and beers.

This year I have no idea how I will go. I have no plan and no expectations and feel this is a refreshing way to begin a soul soothing ride after such a tumultuous year. The route is an awesome challenge and I encourage anyone interested to give it a go."

Steve "Phteve" Varga

Age: 35

Rig: Ti GMX+, Walmer bars (55cm)

Group: SRAM Reagle

Ratio: 32 x 10-52

Wheels: Dirt Hoops Carbon with SP Dynamo on Maxxis Ikon Race 2.35 Tyres 

Baggage: 1 x Revelate Feed bags, Oveja Negra Snack Pack top tube bag, 2 x Rocket Pooches, Apidura Racing Saddle Pack, 3 x 1L bottles. SOL Escape bivvy, 7Mesh jersey, bibs & jackets

Other: kLite lighting system running off the dynamo hub. Wahoo Roam for navigation. Spot Tracker.  

Expected Time: 2-3 days



Ryan "Rhino" Flinn

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    Are all those GMX+ prototypes steel? Also, the Remlaw bars looks interesting! Can’t wait to follow this ride.


    Great to see the riders & their rigs. Hope all participants have a safe & memorable adventure. Good luck 🤞.


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