A Love Letter to Kevin

A Love Letter to Kevin

Dear Kev,

When we first met, over three years ago, I directly knew that you weren't like the other bikes. Behind your sober and classy titanium façade was hiding enormous potential. One to rule them all. 
At first glance you looked like the perfect gravel grinding machine, ready to go hard on race days, cruise along flashpacking weekends and every unpaved adventure in between. 
Equipped with G4T’s 35 and fitted with 40 or 45mm tires, narrow 42 handlebars for my tiny shoulders and mullet AXS gearing with 10-52 cassette and 40 or 38T chainring for those steep Swiss climbs, we shared some memorable off-road rides from social to podiums, from chill to epic. It may sound very Swiss but set up like this you were a dreamy commuter as well, allowing me to quickly spin the scenic singles on the way home.I soon realised that you actually were the Gadgetmobile of bikes! Swap those 35mm rims for 45mm ones with slick tires plus eventually gear up the chainring to 42T and you transformed into a solid endurance roadie! What a season we had Go Gadget going, swapping wheels all over the place, taking part in multi-stage and surface events as well as some road ultras. Recently I set out for a new long haul adventure and you surely were the one I trusted to be up to the challenge. Getting into the wild I discovered that you could go wide and therefore be even more versatile. New wheels swap but for 650b with chunky 2.25 tires this time, combined with a 50mm Walmer Bar, 36t chainring and the new Apex 12s mechanical transformed you into a rough overlander ready to explore rugged dirt roads around the globe.
We overpassed the three years itch and I am sure we still have many to come. As much as I love you as you are, I am curious to see if you still have some unexpected set up to display in the future! But for now let’s grind some dirt!
PS : don’t be jealous, versatility has its limits and as a Belgian I couldn't do without a Belgie for the road stuff… and maybe when I grow old I will tour with a Big Kev… but you will remain my favourite.

Devoted to you, Tom

Tom is one of Curve's wonderful ambassadors, and he is currently travelling the world on our ti Kev. You can follow his adventures here - Tom De Wilde

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