650B Titanium frame sample back from builders.

Late last year I experimented with frame design. I tried to create something that was just how i like it. Now I don't possess the tools and knowhow to build the frame myself so seeking and using an overseas builder was a nice exercise in frame design to production. Im not against using local talent for this process, but if we ever decide to commit to CC frames we need to know certain quantities can be delivered at a consistent build quality for a realistic agreed price.

Well it has come back and is almost ready to build up. Firstly, at a glance it looks stunning! The tube intersections and welds are very neat. (As neat as any of the 3 Lynskey's I have personally owned, and as tidy as any of the many Moots who's owners I have the pleasure of riding with. A few communication hick-ups caused a couple of changes but then again, this is a sample.
Cant wait to see how it rides. SV

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