Handmade Ti ready to roll.

Handmade Ti ready to roll.

We are very excited to let you in on a little secret....

Riding on the huge success of our titanium frames, over the last 4 months we have purchased loads of Titanium,  prepared many of our individually optimised tubes and now have a nice stockpile of our shiny frames. What's this all mean? It means our lead times will drop sharply, and you will get your hand built frame faster than ever before.  So contact us and we can can give you timing estimate on your specific size and model.

We have also refined our frame colouring process to deliver a Nano-Coating finish that bonds to Titanium, is lighter and more durable than paint. This process is done locally just outside of Melbourne and is an additional $500 dollars and an extra week of time. We have some set colours; Ivory, Blacker than Black, Royal Blue, Powder Blue and working on some other options for you. This is available in a one third coverage as pictured below or a two thirds coverage. Sexy aint it!

We will be uploading all the info to the site over the next month, but in the mean time download this PDF (972kb) with more information about our frame and process.  

 Photos Below: Terence Chin Photography

Belgie Titanium Royal Blue Carbon CC50s

Royal Blue Belgie - One Third Coverage Belgie Titanium Royal Blue Side onBuilt by Skunkworks Sydney

Belgie Titanium Royal Blue

Blacker than Black (below)

Belgie Titanium Black Close UpBelgie Titanium Black

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