Carbon Care

Carbon Care
Caring for your carbon rims, is essential. This will ensure they run smooth, you'll be safe and they will last as long as possible. On going maintenance and mindful riding will help you get the most out of your wheel investment.

  1. Keep them Clean
    As with your bike, always keep your wheels and pads clean. This will help avoid tiny bits of dirt, stones and road grit “chewing” through your rim wall. Use a clean cloth, water and mild detergent, do not use industrial solvents. 

  1. Correct Brake Set up.
    When installing your carbon specific brake pads please take note of the effect brake track. Place the pads as low (towards the hub) on the brake track as possible, this helps dissipate heat down into the mass of the rim. Toe the brake pads slightly to help eliminate squeaky, noisy brakes. See Tech Tips page for more info. Brake setup that does not comply with the instructional diagram will void warranty.

  1. Braking style for Carbon Clinchers.
    While descending it is important to be conscious of heat displacement as you apply your brakes. There are 2 styles of braking that we suggest riders employ when slowing into corners. Of course common sense and situational adaptation should be considered, ie; Be careful slamming the anchors whilst in a bunch!

    Braking style 1. Fast stopping. When approaching a corner at high speed, apply both brakes simultaneously in a short burst. This will allow you to decelerate quickly heating the rims evenly for a short time. It allows you to corner with control and the rims to cool back to neutral temperature quickly.

    Braking style 2. Scrubbing speed. During long, fast and steady descents, especially in a group it is often necessary to check your speed continuously to ensure a safe ride down. Regulating speed is safest done by alternating front and rear brake applications; Front on, Front off, Rear on, Rear Off alternating every 5-10 seconds. Here you can apply your brakes and decelerate using one rim to brake while the other rim cools.

Just be remember to mindful out there, enjoy and ride responsibly.

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