Curve Spring Classics

Curve Spring Classics

Now that we have officially hit Summer, we can now reflect on what a blast our Spring Classics were - manic, beautiful, crazy, glorious, full noise and even sometimes peaceful... Over the four events we were joined by over 200 riders from Sydney and Melbourne, including World Champions, Australian Champs, Pro Team representatives and a  smattering of really good people to ride and share a beer with. If you are sad they're over or you missed out on them, don't worry we hosting one more ride to kick off the Curve Xmas party.

RIDE #1 - The Night Belgie, with Cycles Galleria

A well known ride "The Belgie" with a new twist... Darkness.
It all began in madness, with 50+ riders splitting apart and scattering the streets of the Nor-Eastern streets, the pace was fast and feverish as with most Belgies, but when you can't see, it added a another layer of speed.

The trails, laneways and gravels paths felt narrower and even more sketchy. On the return leg, an unfortunate crash by Belgie veteran, Pikey bought the entire group back to together. A see of red blinking lights snaked the Yarra trail bike path back to Galleria where cold beer, and warm pizza awaited us.

RIDE #2 - Northern Cobbles with Jetnikoff & St Cloud


This is what happens when Jesse Carlsson gets maps of all the cobbled laneways of Brunswick. Then throw in some swaying bridges, drains, single track, and some of Melbourne's steepest roads.


Add a truck load of riders and again some more darkness. Once again madness ensued almost immediately with the bunch splitting, punctured or slowing for their safety on the cobbles of Brunswick. Some groups had to choose their own adventures getting down and dirty in drainage pipes, whilst others battled all the bluestone and 25% pinches in front of them. The combined crews of St Cloud & Jetnikoff entertained the razzed up crowds at Curve HQ.


RIDE #3 - Bayside Slide with Omara Cycles

"Beach Rd, how do you hold a Spring Classic, down Beach Rd?" Again, thanks to J.C. and his course making skills, we didn't have to stray too far off the famous road to get into some Spring Classic action.


Warming the bunch up with some sandy laneyways, it was then was flat and very fast, with the 40 odd riders stringing out far and long down the fine stoned bike paths of Patto lakes... Smooth single track, new homes vs industrial estates, carparks and some pretty parkland accompanied this ride. The ride was perfectly finished off with a Sunset over the bay on our Beach Rd return. Jae, Chad and the Omara crew gracious hosts to finish off a minting ride.


RIDE #4 - BelgieXSydney with Skunkworks & Rapha CC

International photographer extra-ordinnaire Beardy McBeard took the "Belgie" brief perfectly. Road bike friendly, with CX (non) sensibilities, yet injected with an awesome dose of SYDNEY.

 The ride took in Sydney's spectacular scenery, steep bloody hills, parks, promenades, laneways, $28 Million bridges,  train lines, cemeteries and Beardy + crew lead the ride with gay abandon. The RCC in Sydney immaculately hosted us Curve ruffians, as we showed off some of our Titanium to our northern neighbors. We'll be back for more.



So join us to close off a cracking 2015 on Thursday December 17th
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Photo Credits: Bob Barrett Ritte Australia, Cycling Maven, Beardy McBeard, Simon Robins and our insta friends







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