The Lisa Jacobs U.S. CX Study Tour - 2015 edition

Here at Curve we're lucky to support some very talented riders. We love it when people embark on a personal mission and work tirelessly to achieve their goals. Success doesn't have to result in fame or fortune. End-game success in the missions we admire means little more than the personal satisfaction pulling off something tough and out of the ordinary.

Australian CX star, Lisa Jacobs (Rapha-Focus), is on a mission. She's determined to crush the 2016 CX world championships in Belgium early next year. As part of her preparation, Lisa undertook a self-guided CX study tour, coast-to-coast across the U.S. for a few weeks during September and October. It was an opportunity for her to race some of the top women in the sport and gain some more valuable world cup experience. We're lucky to have Lisa place her trust in our wheels and we were super psyched to see our product at the pointy end of the field on her tour.

Lisa rides super light Curve Cycling rims (carbon 30 mm deep x 25 mm wide tubular) laced to Tune King Kong hubs with Sapim CX ray spokes. It's a super light CX build that you can get here. We asked Lisa how her wheels held up. "My wheels are just awesome, and a pleasure to ride ... I’m really proud to ride Curves." Despite a hectic race schedule, Lisa had no issues whatsoever with her wheels.

Here are a few highlights from Lisa's study tour...

Sacramento GP

Lisa Jacobs Rapha Focus Curve Cycling - Sacramento GP CX

Lisa on her way to second place in the Sacramento GP in California. Let's be clear though, it was a second place to World Cup leader Katerina Nash (ranked second in the world). What did Lisa have to say about the experience? "I got the hole shot, crashed, lost my chain, and clawed back from dead last to finish second. I’m really proud of that." Yep - we'd be proud of that too! (Photo: Gary Hudson)

Midnight Ride of CX (Lancaster, MA)

Lisa Jacobs Rapha Focus Curve Cycling - Midnight Ride of CX

Lisa managed second place in the Midnight Ride of CX (Lancaster, MA). The winner was British national champion and fourth ranked rider in world, Helen Wyman, who edged out Lisa in a sprint finish. We asked Lisa what it was like to duke it out with some of the top riders in the world? "When I race the top girls I’m usually fighting from three or four rows back and I never see the front of the race. In smaller races like this one, we got to duke it out. We were neck and neck the whole race and I was stoked to find that my skills could match hers". Photo: Russ Campbell

Cross Vegas

 Lisa Jacobs Rapha Focus Curve Cycling - Crossvegas

Cross Vegas, a CX world cup event, was the main event on this tour for Lisa. As a foreigner, far away from the European CX heartland it's tough to muster enough ranking points to get a good starting position. Many sports use time trials to seed riders - not CX though! Unfortunately Lisa had a fourth row starting position, which meant the first row started in Nevada and Lisa started in Utah. She managed to fight her way through the field to finish 23rd, which she was pretty happy with considering the starting position handicap. Photo: Lisa Jacobs. Follow her adventures on Instagram @ljridehappy.

Lisa is already back in training. Next up is the Rapha Supercross Nobeyama in Japan at the end of November. Lisa will head to Europe in mid December to kick off the 2016 worlds campaign.

All the best with your training, Lisa. We're behind you 100% and proud to support you on your mission!

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