A world champion amongst us

A week or so ago Scott Nicholas packed his single speed Ti Baum his Curve carbon wheels and headed to Weaverville, California for the World Solo 24hr Mountain Bike Championships. Long before this, Scott hatched the plan to be a the Single Speed World Champion and his plan paid off. 



Scott is a former marathon running "seppo", who in 2004 he finished 17th in US Olympic Marathon tryouts running an amazing 2.18. Scott only started riding a few years ago as he took residence with his family in Geelong and was lured in by the trails of Anglesea and the most excellent company of the Surf Coast Single Speed Crew. Now he is a world champ. 

The course set this year was hard, in particular for a single speeder

"It's like to do 10 messmate climbs every hour for 24 hours in 30 degree heat... That's literally what I'm up against. The last pinch is never under 20% for an entire 1500m. The descent is epic. Kowalski classic meets Anglesea. Laps are super long. 20.5kms, 550m vert and around 1:10-1:20. Grinder"

Scott's plan utilised his marathon background and was all about consistency. He pulled it off - keeping a level head as the top three bounced around the positions. After 24 and a half hours, he completed 19 laps at an average of 1hr 17min - which would have seen him Top 10 in the elite (and geared) category. Supported by family and Adam Kelsall (who also kept everyone upto date via social media), Scott crossed the line to his adoring fans.

Steve managed to congratulate Scott over FB this morning asking how it was -

Scott's reply: "It was fun!"

What a legend!

Scott Rode: 28H Curve 29er Carbon Rims, 28H on DT 240s. 

For further insights in the Running Man - here is a great interview with Hero Dirts, Adam Kelsall. http://www.herodirt.com.au....

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