Six Hours in the Saddle

What a day it was to be riding around the Beechworth MTB park. Sunny all day, a great course, nice people and a good fun vibe

Young Ben crossing the line after 6hrs with just enough enough energy to pop one for the crowd

Six Hours in Saddle is a great event to be at and we were chuffed to be the principal sponsor. It was a pretty big deal for us, Curve Cycling has sponsored events before but none with our name right out front. When we first arrived, we were a little intimidated by the impressive displays of the other sponsors, but even without our logos plastered everywhere we still felt like we were well represented at the event.

Our wheels won the main event - with super human Tobias Lestrell peddling them around the rocky course for 6 long hours. An amazing feat, he never slowed, and he was only just beaten by a two man Cycles Galleria team for the overall win.

Always smiling, Tobias Lestrell wins the 6hrs in staggering pace.

The pairs podium - the fast boys from Cycles Galleria Team were the only crew to beat Tobias.

Our young up and comer, Ben Carpenter, finished 6th overall - even more impressive considering he rode the first 4 hours on a Curve single speed full rigid prototype before stealing my dually, which I had rolled around the 3 hour to finish 6th.

Ben getting coaching from one of the best in Jesse Carlsson, and Adam trying to punch a fast lap after breaking a chain.

The track was an awesome example of how our carbon wheels should perform over a technical course - light, fast and super reliable. At the beginning of the race, a place getter was telling me how he broke a set of carbon wheels around this track a couple of years back - naturally we won't tell you what brand that was, but it was a major brand, so it is nice to know that we can out perform the big boys.

 Big Jims nice new wheel, fitted to his dream Yeti

We also have to congratulate to Rishi on winning a fine set of our MTB wheels  - Unfortunately the extremely custom nature of Rishi requests (yes, she rides a 26") meant we couldn't get them ready for her on the day... but they are ready now and waiting for you Rishi! 

A huge thanks to Six Hours in the Saddle, all the sponsors and volunteers involved to make it such a great event. A special thanks to all the participants who make the SHITS so much fun.

See you next year.


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