Curve Spring Classics - Vol 1 The Night Belgie

To welcome this beautiful spring - Curve and our fellow friends are hosting a few Spring Classic rides to pay homage to races that bring the European racing season alight. 

Ride 1 - The Night Belgie.

Some of you may have heard about the Belgie ride, a "road ride" which powers down alleys, bike paths and the back streets of the north eastern suburbs. Well we want to take it one step further, and invite you to an even more exciting ride, the Night Belgie! 

Day:  Thursday, 24th September (the day after Spring Equinox)
Time: 6.30pm sharp. 
This is when we START a short briefing and roll out, so be there.
Place: Start & finish at, 
Cycles Galleria Richmond,
453 Church St Richmond
Feel free to leave some gear here if needed for the beers and pizza later on.
Distance / Duration: 45 km. Maybe 1.5 - 2 hrs.
Back to Cycles Galleria for a socialising, sports drink (beer) and pizza.


The Briefing: We're going to be riding road bikes where they're not usually ridden IN THE DARK, so bring your sense of adventure. By all means bring your CX bike, but you'll have more fun / laughs (and danger) on a road bike. 

  • Bring strong lights. MEGA lumens. Borrow some if needed. The more lumens the better. Let us know if you need some help sourcing some lights - we might be able to help.
  • This is all going to unfold IN THE DARK. Bring some GOOD LIGHTS. Blinky commuter lights are not going to do the job. Once again you will need GOOD LIGHTS. Did we mention you'll need GOOD LIGHTS?
  • It will be wise to use fresh or robust tyres. Punctures often happen. You're going to need some luck to get through, but that's all part of the Spring Classics! 
  • If you do get a flat, you're mates might wait for you if you're lucky, but everyone else will continue on the route. It's a short, fast ride so if your team isn't there to help you, it'll be a lonely ride back home. Just like the Spring Classics.
  • Get to know the route, and if you get a flat or lost, or stranded there are a few point to short cut back on to the ride.

It's not a race, but their are some Watt Bomb sections that are going feel super fast at night, it'd be great to see you there. Let us know if you are in via our Facebook event page.


Ride 2 -  Northern Cobbles - Details coming to soon!

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