Jesse Wins the Trans America Race

Jesse has ridden and overcome the entire width of the USA (and then some), 6,800km, over 60,000 vertical meters, a highest pass at 3,600 meters, pushed off the road by a bus, had squirrels steal his food, gastro, seen gremlins whilst suffering heat exhaustion, countless dogs attacks, the endless hills, a busted back, swollen limbs, slept everywhere from churches, to park benches to the Hilton, milk shake after omelette after milk shake, had road closures, missing bridges, and finished his win with a massive 480km lead over his nearest competitor

The other part huge success for Jesse and Curve, was the bicycle - not a single mechanical, not even a puncture. The wheels, bike and setup put together by Steve and Jesse was as close to perfection as possible. The wheels cut through the North American air, climbed the highest passes and dealt with some horrible roads. The Curve Belgie Ti frame was lightweight and stiff, yet durable and comfortable enough to take him and his load through gravel, poorly graded roads and whatever the Trans America Race threw at him.... and whilst this bike carried Jesse this ultra distance, the bike was designed around speed, so if Jesse wanted to race a crit on this bike tomorrow, then it would only require a couple of mods to do so.

Jesse arrived back home in Australia, whilst half the field is still racing across the states, and somehow he still managed to deliver us all these beaut' photos, cool little vids and stopped to say g'day to fans and people along the way. He has inspired us no end with this a super human feat, but he also told us his story through the eyes of an ordinary albeit amazing and gentile human being. 

What a legendary performance Dr Carlsson, welcome home CHAMP!


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    When’s the book coming out? ;-)


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