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On Saturday morning  the June 6th at 5am (10pm Aussie Time) we began to watch the "blue dot". Curve director, Jesse Carlsson departed on his 6,772km race - 12 Hours later we can see his has covered almost 400kms in 12 hours, he is in the lead and he is still going.

The TransAm is a non stop, self-supported road bike race along the 6,772km Trans America Trail, departing June 6th 2015. Who in their right mind would compete in such a feat? Jesse Carlsson: The man, the myth, the legend (one day!). 

Residing in Melbourne Australia, Jesse has long had a penchant for racing bikes. From a globe trotting BMX teenager, to a MTB 24hr rider, Jesse now indulges his bicycle urges by simply riding for long periods of time. At age 37 this is his second endurance race in the US, having finished 2nd in the ‘Tour Divide’ in 2013. At 4,500km, the ‘Tour Divide’ is considered the world cup of off-road, self -supported, long distance riding. 

Since that impressive result in his first competitive endurance race, Jesse has been pushing the comfort barrier physically, mentally and technically in his training. Whether it’s riding for days without rest, eating and drinking just enough to keep going, or resting with minimal shelter and clothing in extreme conditions, Jesse loves experimenting with how far he can get on the bare minimum.

Aside from the training, Jesse  has spent countless hours creating his ‘Superbike’ - a Curve Belgie Ti disk super-light titanium frame, Curve 50mm wheels, and bespoke components from around the world. Strapped on, are a couple of tiny bags with all his worldly needs for the 17 or so days he plans to complete the ride. 

Jesse’s riding mate Liam Crowley (aka ‘Jim’) has accompanied him on many a long distance adventures including the ‘Tour Divide’. During the race he’ll provide you with updates, shedding light on the state of Jesse’s mind, body and equipment. 

You can follow the race on instagram #jessestransam

You can also track Jesse’s journey by following the infamous ‘blue dot’.Be prepared to get hooked, and be sure to check out a great interview that Alee from Cycling About about created before the race


Jesses Trans Am Video



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