Jesse has a couple of "rides" coming up...

Just letting you know that I've got a couple of rides coming up....
I've got a plan to come up with some long distance mostly off-road touring routes in Australia (like the Great Divide MTB Route in North America, on which they race the Tour Divide). The big one I want to do is the Tip to Top (southernmost point to northernmost point on the mainland).
Ride 1 - Tip to Cap - Leg 1
The first leg of this is Tip to Cap (Wilson's Prom to Canberra). Mostly following the Bicentennial Trail, but cutting out private property, sections with crazy amounts of river crossings, and some rock scrambles. This will be a test ride of the first section.
I'm riding this with Angry starting next tomorrow morning (12 Sep). Angry doesn't have much time, so it's going to be a race to get to the start (Liam will be driving us down there tonight). We have flights booked out of Canberra next Thursday. So we're going to try to get to Canberra by Wed night. Should be solid - it's 1,200km with about 30,000m of climbing. The weather is a bit of a worry - there's a lot of snow around still, and some parts of the route near Kosciusko stay up high for quite a while. There could be a lot of snow hiking, or a lot of back tracking. Also Spring is storm season, there were 130km winds in the high country earlier this week and the nights can still be well below 0 Celsius.
Preparation has been pretty funny. I took my bike to the LBS (Commuter Cycles) on Tuesday. They found a crack in my frame (Steel Spot Rocker) and managed to source a new Jamis Dragon steel frame for me. Within 24hrs a new bike was built - thanks for going above and beyond Commuter Cycles. I strapped all my kit on and rode it to work. I guess we'll see how it goes over the next week - it will get it's first ride tomorrow.  
Ride 2 - Perth-Albany-Perth + Great Central Road
I'm heading to Perth on 3 Oct to ride the 1,200km Perth-Albany-Perth audax event.
After that I want to ride to Uluru, but inland along the Great Central Road (this cuts through the Great Victoria Desert). Sometimes it's 300km between water and it could get hot. I've been scrambling trying to arrange the right entry permits to the various Aboriginal Lands along the way. If I can't get legal access, I might have to make some other arrangements. I'm hoping this will be a good shakedown ride for a Curve prototype.
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